Vegetable Rice Noodle (Chai Kuih)

Sep 16, 2007

I spent my days at home with my family this weekend. Even though mum is busy with the little monster (he is not feeling well & is making lots of noise in the house), she still insists of making this 'vegetables rice noodle' for us. It tastes extremely delicious once it is freshly steamed out from the wok. Woo.... then with the hard works from mum, I appreciated it even more.

Since I'm at home, I have the chance to take down the pictures while my mum is doing. Hmmm.... what are the ingredients needed?
  1. Rice noodle sheet (you may get it from the noodle manufacturing shop. It is actually 'kue teow' that have not been sliced).
  2. Yam bean (sengkuang)
  3. Carrots
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Prawns
  6. French beans
  7. Shallots
  8. Chopped garlic
  9. Seasoning - salt & sugar to taste
Once the item 2-9 has cooked, then you may start with the wrapping. At first, place the filling on the piece of rice noodle sheet. Then make 3-4 folds of triangle shape neatly. After finishing with the process, arrange it nicely & steam for about 5 mins.

Simple & healthy recipe right? Give it a try & tell me if you do like it.


JK said...

Looks delicious. I have passed you a tag.