Sep 4, 2007

There are all kinds of people in every corner of the world. I met a GP doctor this afternoon. Ooo..... She is greedy! She was not keen in learning but kept pestering me with my 'B' bag. She even offered a plastic bag to me so that I could take out all my materials & leave the bag with her. Terrible isn't it? I promised that I will give it to her on my next visit already. Why can't she wait? Weird...

Then I have been noticed that this group of youngsters is cheating the elderly & housewives in the town. Gladys & I were hanging out in my friend's phone shop one afternoon. We saw them. They were aiming for their targets. Their tactic is using a scratch & win card, which contain of 4 mysterious gifts. When the victim scratched the first box & assuming that it was a dvd player, then they will show their excitement & persuasion to the victim, so that they would continue to go for the 2nd scratch. But there is a price behind that. Instead of scratching for the 2nd prize, the poor victim has to pay for the 1st prize (dvd player). The victim will continue scratching due to the prize value is getting greater. At the end, they fell into their trap. They were cheated with huge amount of money with non-valuable electronic goods.

Because of justice & being KPC, I did report their activities to the police before. My friend did too. But it doesn’t seem to work. They were caught & released again. Hmmm.... if you flip through the paper everyday, you will definitely get to read through all this news. But too bad, they still cheated by those heartless people.

Again, Greed!!!


HJ® said...

Ever think why Malaysians are greedy?

What makes one greedy?

Loh said...

Haha... i got what u mean.