Nyonya Breakfast

Jul 13, 2008

I brought BB to this new coffee shop for breakfast. Most of the stall owners are Baba Nyonya. So you can get authentic Nyonya cuisine from this shop. They have Mee Siam, Laksa, Pie Tee, Popiah, Ponteh, Mixed Vegetables, etc.

Laksa. BB commented that the laksa is delicious.

Popiah, my favourite. The wrapper is different from the normal Popiah because it has added the egg into the batter for a softer & moisture texture.

So, where can you find the shop?

Asian Havana Cafe

Jul 11, 2008

We went to Asian Havana Cafe for dinner tonight. It was a simple meal as we both were quite full actually.

Ice cappuccino for him.

My drink. Forgotten the name already.

Caesar Salad! When come to think about it, it was quite fattening hor! Look at the dressing. Phew....

Mushroom soup with garlic toast! Yummy yummy especially with pepper added to it.

Seafood Carbonara. It tastes good but it doesn't have many seafood as it was shown in the menu.

Between Love & Hatred

Jul 5, 2008

Since we didn't follow our parents back to Seremban tonight, BB & I have gone to Bukit Baru to buy some durians for supper. Everyone in the family including Flame loves this tropical fruit very much. Can you imagine that we have been eating durians for the past few weekends. I think my weight is shooting high!
These are the Kampung Durian with different grades.

The expert is helping us to pick the best durian.

Our durians are ready to be packed! Hmmm....... yummy yummy! Fyi, my favourite is 101. So please remember if you wanna spend me for some good Durians ya.

Life as A Construction Site's Supervisor

Dino, as a supervisor, do you think he has done a good job? Tell you what! He was extremely excited when the painter was painting the wall this morning. Maybe he purposely knocked himself on the wall after knowing the painters weren't performed a good job on that particular wall? Poor him! See the paint on his face & body?

Thanks Dino Boy. We appreciated your hard work very much.

Little Boss

In conjunction to my upcoming wedding, I have bought Kai Jun this piece of suit for our wedding dinner. It costs about RM 110. Hey, he looks handsome, doesn't he?

Hiyayakko Recipe

Jul 2, 2008

If you still remember, I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to try this recipe as this is one of my favourite for Japanese cuisine. I tried it finally & it turned up to be as delicious as the one served in the restaurant. Hehe....