How Did You Celebrate Your Christmas?

Dec 25, 2007

On Christmas Day, both of us went for Roasted Turkey hunting. Most of the roasted turkeys have already been booked (EQ Hotel, Euro Deli & Jusco) except for Renaissance Hotel. It costs about RM 220 for a roasted turkey with stuffings. Then we wanted to buy a raw turkey back but the plan was cancelled. It was partly due to the size of the turkey (5-6kg) & also the preparation times needed. So we have no turkey dinner for this Christmas.

We decided to cook the dinner for tonight. So we went to Jusco to grab for the ingredients. BB cooked the Bacon, Salmon & Asparagus Bundles while I prepared a Baked Corn Tortilla Chips. Aunty grilled the sausages & of course yummy dessert, Durian!

Baked Corn Tortilla Chips. It was nice when it was freshly baked out from the oven. Simple recipe. You need a pack of Corn Chips, Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese, Salt & Cayenne pepper. Spread the corn chips out on a single layer on the pan & sprinkles the rest of the ingredients over the chips. Bake 10-12 mins or until Parmesan is slightly browned.

Bacon, Salmon & Asparagus Bundles by Hubby B. This was the special request from me.

Our Christmas dinner. It was a yummy dinner though it was without turkey.

We bought this wine from Tesco. I don't like the packing but surprisingly , the wine is great. BB likes it as it was produced with different types of grapes.

Power of woman! Aunty opened up the durians for us. BB didn't eat it because he said the durian will contradict the taste of the wine. Fussy fella.

Tam Chiak (greedy) Beauty Queen. Flame loves durian. Weird dog!


Chinneeq said...

eh, Li, i think wine and durian shudnt be eaten be together. will kena toxic la...