Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food Fest

Dec 8, 2007

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Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food organized a Food Fest on 7 November 2007. So for the fun of it, I have submitted my mum's recipe for competition.

Guess what? The result is finally announced on 3rd Dec 2007. My mum's Chai Kueh is featured in Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food. The author is kind of disappointed with the poor response but I am happy that mum's recipe has got the chance to be published in his blog.

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food is one of the food's blog that I love to visit. It contains varieties of Asian Food & I must say that the author is generous enough to share the recipes with the visitors.

If you are thinking to cook today, do check out with Hochiak!


lifeadventurez.com said...

is this the Hochiak in TV?

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Haha.. it is not, Steph. This is another Hochiak! The TV8 one is Ho Chak. I actually copied their logo. :)

Jasmine said...

oh my gosh, thank you thank you :) this was one of my favorite snacks growing up in Sarawak and I'd love to know how to make it now that I life in the US. Thank your mum for me.

www.cheerfulday.com said...

wah congratulations to you..

www.keeyit.com said...

Wah.. I din know there was a competition le.. My mum also cooks well lol.. I can send my mum recipe to them too.. but too late lol..

congratz la

soohui.dello the yellow said...

Hi. This is soo hui.hehe. Know who i am? :D haha.btw, is stephloh_lili@hotmail.com your add? i add you d.But i think you haven't accept or i typed your add wrongly. haha(:

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Jasmine, u r most welcome. :)

Hi Cheerful Day, Thanks a lot.

Hi KY, I'll inform u in future, ya. Thanks.

Hi Soo Hui, you got the right one & I have added u in. ;) Hey, I was amazed that u still remember my msn id.

soohui.dello the yellow said...

Haha.I am not even sure about the spelling.haha :D anyways.Looks like you've already posted up the photos for yong jie's wedd :D.

PabloPabla of Hochiak said...

Thanks for the mention :D

Luckily you came to the rescue and submitted a recipe to be highlighted. It wasn't actually a competition but just my way of giving back some publicity to my readers who also blog recipes.

Hope it brought some traffic to your site :D

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