Dong Zhi 冬至

Dec 22, 2007

Today we celebrated Dong Zhi Festival. It is also known as Winter Solstice festival, which is the second most important festival of the Chinese calendar. Dong Zhi is considered the thanksgiving of the Chinese calendar.

It is the last festival of the year, being celebrated on the 22nd of eleventh moon (December). Coinciding with the winter solstice, it is a time for the entire family to get together to celebrate the past good year. Glutinous rice balls, Tang Yuan are cooked and eaten to signify unity and harmony within the family. Eating Tang Yuan is symbolic of family unity & family prosperity too.

The dough are in white & pink color. The pink means "Gold" & the white means "Silver". In short, it means that you are complete with the fortune after taking these glutinous rice balls.
Ee Ting helped mum to roll the Dang Yuan.KPC was there to help out as well. Initially he refused to touch the dough due to its stickiness.
With his mum encouragement , he felt the fun with this new "toy". Kai Jun: Mum, you see. I can make Dang Yuan already.
Mum was happily making the Dang Yuan. She said that the night was like Chinese New Year's Eve. What has he produced?
Aiks.... what is that?Kai Jun: Aiyo... let me do it again.
He told me that he wanted to make a car. Braised duck prepared by my mother. Yummy Yummy.
Fried Pork Spring Rolls from my grandmother & fried prawns by my mum. Claypot Sea Cucumbers, mushrooms & pork ribs.
Devil Chickens from my Aunt. She is always so thoughtful in preparing food for us during the prayer. Persimmon.
"Pao" from my aunt.He is the happiest one. Knowing that I was taking his picture, he returned me with this cheeky smile.


J@n!ce said...

Thanks for this post. I din know the meaning for the pink & white until I read yours.... *blush*

My mum used to make it too. However, all of us had grown up & she hardly do it nowdays :)

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Janice, I watched a tv prog & the host said it so. Hey, maybe u can try to do it next year & I bet ur two lovely sons will have the fun making it. :)