Claypot Rice

May 30, 2008

I have forgotten where is this place situated but should be somewhere around Damansara Jaya. Must checked with Hubby first.

Just before we left to Dungun, BB brought me to this restaurant for lunch. I was a bit doubt of it as the restaurant was empty. We have ordered Salted Fish & Chicken Claypot Rice, Tom Yam Claypot Rice & 2 bowls of Winter Melon Soup.

While waiting our food to be served, I noticed the customers started to enter to the restaurant group by group. Hmm..... the rice must be nice then.

This Salted Chicken Claypot Rice is yummylicious. I don't know how to describe the taste but I guess the shredded onions perfected it.

The Tom Yam Claypot Rice was a bit salty. So BB has helped to finish it up.
The Winter Melon Soup is tasty. Slurrp.....we finished it all.

Izakaya Kushi Masa

May 24, 2008

We went for food hunting tonight. As we were driving around the Melaka Raya area, we decided to hop in to this Japanese Restaurant for our dinner. It located at Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, Melaka Raya.
The moment we entered the restaurant, we saw a group of Japanese. They were enjoyed their meal & drink there. Hmm... the food here must be good & authentic, else how could they had so much! The menu are sticked on the wall. All are in Japanese handwriting. Luckily, the waitress there is very helpful. She is cute & friendly. She recommended a lot of yummy dishes for us.
The chef is busy grilling the order placed by the customers. There is another chef too. We think they are brothers because they have the same built. :) Maybe he went to grab himself a drink as the cooking place can be very stuffy & hot.
Maguro Sashimi. The serving is pretty big & they only charged for RM 15 per plate. Feel like ordering another plate. Hehe...
Grilled Terriyaki Chicken Wing. They deboned it so nicely. A very thoughtful preparation from the chef. Thanks.
A juicy & crunchy Grilled Terriyaki Pork.
Hiyayakko. Though it is a plain & simple dish but we just fell in love with it.
Grilled Chicken with Kimchi. This isn't very nice.
Grilled Terriyaki Egg Plant. Another superb dish.
This is a special type of sushi that I have never tried before. Nice!Japanese's Cocktail. It is sake with plum. Kind of diluted & I don't taste the plum. So I requested for additional plum. It tasted much better.

Not that expensive right? We'll be back!
BB had 2 glasses of sake. He must be a bit blur till he hit the brick at the corner of the road. See the tyre has torn!
Poor BB. Gotta change the tyre. Too bad, I can't help much. Anyway, I pampered him with a stick of apple yogurt ice cream after that.

P/S: BB told me a secret while we had our ice-cream at 7-11. Shh......

Happy Father & Mother's Day!

May 23, 2008

We had our Parents' Day celebration tonight @ Teo Soon Loong Restaurant. It was a scrumptious meal but I think it wasn't priced reasonably. The bill came up to be RM 260. Is it worth paying?
Oyster Noodle. Stir-fried Vegetables with Chinese Sausage.Teochew Steamed Promphet.
Pork Roll. Nothing great. I still prefer mummy's version. I would like to highlight that this pork roll cost about RM 40. Darn expensive right? He has 2 billings for this dish. One is the pork roll & another is the beancurd. When we asked the boss, he claimed that the beancurd is one of the pork roll ingredient. Acceptable explanation?? Stewed Pork Ribs Wrapped in Bittergourd.Salted Baked Crab.Dragon Fruit & Pineapple Ice Blended from Eha. Very refreshing drink.

We did order the "O-Ni" (Yam Dessert) for after meal dessert. Everyone loves it except me. Hehe...... cause I'm not a Yam lover.

Our Yummylicious Breakfast

May 19, 2008

Since it is a holiday today, we went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for breakfast. I always miss the Cameron Highland's scone very much. Without much hesitation, I ordered a set to try. Hmm...... so nice!
This was my nutritious & yet a filling breakfast. What a good start for the day!
This was BB's breakfast. I love this "Sunny Bread". It was beautiful & as though it is wishing us a great sunny morning!

What Has The Beauty Queen Turned Into?

It looks like me, it sounds like me but I cannot be 100% sure! It sounded so familiar, right? Haha... I guess it would best to describe her anger now.

She was a beauty queen before and yet BB & I had ruined her title from now on. Her confidence level must be dropped till negative. Sorry Flame! We didn't mean to hurt you but we merely wanted to protect you from the extremely hot weather now. Moreover, with the construction works which is on-going now, we do not wanna mess you up further.

Poor Flame, please do not worry of your look now. I believe you will become even more prettier just before our wedding. Trust us, ok! ;-)

Breast Self-Examination (BSE)

May 17, 2008

To the ladies out there, please ask yourself a question. Do you self-examine your breast? I didn't do it previously as I worried that I might discover something from the examination. Yes, I'm running away from reality or you may simply call me silly. However, thing has changed after my I did a lymphatic massage on Tuesday. I must admit that the lady boss is very experienced & she is skillful. Her hands ran through my breasts first. Then I noticed that her hand kept on circulating on my left breast. I sensed something wasn't right. As expected, she told me that she could felt a lump on my left breast. What a shocking news to end my day!

Then I started to google for breast cancer information once I was back home. I felt so worrisome after reading all the articles. Then I decided to turn off my notebook. I do not wanna read it anymore. Maybe it was nothing serious!

It was sad to say that I have a sleepless night. The lump was a nightmare to me. I drove to Seremban with a disturbing mind. I checked from Chloe who has her cyst aspirated before. Ee Ting who has wrongly self diagnosed also advised me to check with my O&G before jumping into the conclusion. So I rushed back to Pantai Ayer Keroh after half a day work.

Dr. Vishnu who is my O&G thought I come for womb check up again (Haha... I tend to check my womb every 6 months ever since I had my chocolate cyst removed in Jan 2007). Guess I am too 'kiasi'! Then I told him my problem. He has a thorough check on my 2 breasts. He even followed through with a ultrasound scan. Then he was pleased to tell me that there isn't any lump or cyst found in my left breast. It was just the enlargement of my breast lobule. Phew.... what a relief!
So ladies, please remember to do your BSE or go for a lymphatic massage once a month after your menstrual cycle! The key? Early detection.

The Best Pic

May 11, 2008

Here is the link to the fun game. Enjoy!

His Likes & Dislikes?

May 4, 2008

I have not been blogging my lovely nephew for quite sometimes. He has grown up a lot & he is much sensible now. His mum is expecting her second baby. He knew & he can't wait to be a "Ko Ko" (brother) soon. When we asked who is in her mum's stomach, he answered "Di Di" (little brother) & sometimes "Mei Mei" (sister). Whatever the sex of the baby, you are a big boy now & you should know to love him / her as we love you.

I bought him this set of Tee & Bermudas while I was working in Batu Pahat. Though it is double his actual size, I just can't stop myself from buying it. I know he will love it.

Wow.... Jun, why are you so serious looking? Don't you like it?Hehe........ Ah Neh, I pulling your legs la. I love it very much. Thank you. See, I even have a water bottle to match with set of Tee & Bermudas.

Since 15-Apr was a state holiday, I have promised to bring him to McD for breakfast & then to the newly opened Melaka Mall. Mum supposed to join us but turned us down last minutes. Grandma complained of gastrointestinal discomfort & she gotta bring her to see a GP. Does a big boy need his mum to feed him? Hehe... let me enjoy the luxury first before the baby is born.Don't you agree with me?I need some exercises after such a heavy meal.Kai Jun, you can do it. Just slide down yourself. Ah Neh doesn't wanna help you already!
This Mickey Mouse is big. Lets cheer the Mickey Mouse's slogan!There are Donald's family too. But they did not fascinate me! I want my Lightning McQueen, Tractor Tom, Thomas & Friends & Bod The Builder.
You had a tiring day. Finished up the mushroom soup & we will bring you to the theme park.Aiyo..... gentleman a bit la. You'll scare Chloe (his so called gf in his play school) off.Mum, I will behave. Don't la so serious!How? Do I look better?See, we have keep our promise to you. You get to drive the Too-Too-Train.What's wrong with Mummy? She is too bored? The driver is lousy. You should have entertain your passenger.

We enjoyed the outing very much though everyone was tired!