Noel 2008

Dec 26, 2008

Though we are not Christian, we love to celebrate Christmas. In fact, I would say that this is my 2nd favourite festival besides Chinese New Year.

Got this snowman holder at 50% discount from Lovely Lace.

Decorated our balcony's door with this snow spray. Fun.

Ho! Ho! Ho! is in our bathroom!

I even have the hand wipe in the mood of Christmas too.

BB bought this candle holder last year. I love it very much.

Our dinner.Spinach Mushroom Soup.

Roast Lam Leg. It costs RM 70/kg. Our lamb leg weight about 1.4kg. The taste is good & it is even better after we heated it up. Yummy yummy.....

Fried Bacon with Luncheon Meat. The bacon wasn't crispy enough. However, it was BB's hard work. So we appreciated it. :P

Nasi Briyani & Acar which were sponsored by MaMa's friend, Datin Kat.

Sweet Persimmons.

A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon during the dinner.

2nd bottle of wine which is given by Mai Wah.

My favourite beer, Hoegaarden. It contains the white tea aroma.

The 3rd and 4th bottles. I didn't like it due to its dryness.

Whoa.... The wine was produced in 1990. Wonder how much does it worth now?

Merry Christmas 2008

Dec 22, 2008

Did anyone of you attend the National Christmas Celebration at Portuguese Settlement on the 27th Dec? I did not join the party too but we made the effort to visit the village just before the Christmas bell rang.

The entrance of the village.

Hope you all enjoys some of the photos which I took from the houses. The atmosphere was great. However, we will kind of disappointed with all the Santa Claus. They did not dress like the classic Santa anymore, especially their makeup. Most of the Santa were using face mask. Kind of scary. Santa is no longer adorable & friendly. :(

My Special Guest

Ee Ting brought Kai Jun to our house today. He likes it a lot. He even called our home as "animal house". Haha.... dogs, fish, snake, etc.

Whoa.... what is he describing? So expressive.

Kai Jun, you are always welcome to our home.

The Making of Ketupat

Dec 7, 2008

I remembered that I learned to anyam Ketupat from Suzana 2 years ago. However, I have already forgotten the steps.

My MIL has bought 50pcs of Daun Palas for this coming Hari Raya Haji. Hence, I decided to take down the steps of making the ketupat from Suzana for future reference. Hehe....

It is not very tough of making it but you must always make sure that you pass through the correct paths. Give it a try. It is very fun once you know it.

Lucas's Full Moon

Nov 30, 2008

Today is Lucas's Full Moon. When I reached home, Mum & Auntie have got all the food ready. So we wait for SIL & Lucas to come over for prayer. Homemade Chicken Pies for friends and relatives.

My favourite Glutinous Rice from Mum. This is a must have food during full moon.

Red Eggs which symbolized prosperity!

Auntie & Lucas.

This brother can be quite rough sometimes.

Pray for this little one to grow up healthily.

The nicest confinement lady we have ever met.

He has high metabolism rate. He would ask for milk every 1 hr.

Egg lover. He can eat many eggs if you do not stop him. No wonder he is born in the year of Roaster. Haha.......

Simple meal to entertain some of the guests.

Self-admired? Haha......

Lucas has a mature look. Don't you agree?

Notice that both brothers are wearing the Lightning McQueen's T-shirt? Kai Jun said that he looks better with McQueen's T than his DiDi, Lucas. Pengsan.......