BMS Appreciation Dinner, 18-01-2009

Jan 28, 2009

The night was gloomy. Everyone was sad. The cardiovascular colleagues and some of the support staffs will be leaving the company after tonight's dinner.

I have done a little efforts to compile the pictures into the slides show. Hope this movie will keep as a remembrance for everyone of us.

The Arrival of "Moo Moo"

Jan 26, 2009

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! It is the first day of Chinese New Year. Everyone was busy dressing themselves up this morning, especially the ladies.

See! Even the fatty "Moo Moo" is welcoming us with a pretty cheerful smile.

I always love to have this "Kat Zai" around for Chinese New Year.

The flower of wealth.

Prawn Noodle. Something light and delicious.

Baby Zheng Hao. Guess he will be running around the house next year.

Zheng Hao and his grandmother.

The beauty queen in our family.

Ah Soon and Pei Yin were learning fast. Hehe...

Hubby B prepared the fried rice for us. Yummylicious.

The lady who is busy preparing the coffee and tea for us!

Time for some pocket money.

Janelle with her grandpa.

Everyone was busy looking at the eclipse. We had borrowed the X-ray film from Mai Lan.

What was for dinner? Nasi lemak!

Stewed Duck in Plum Sauce which was prepared by Grandma.

Time for "Luo Sang".

All the relatives has left from Melaka to Seremban by 11pm. We really had a great new year celebration. Looking forward for next year gathering.

Thanks MIL for her hard work in preparing the food for us. She must be tired taking care all the relatives and us.

Reunion Dinner @ Bukit Beruang

This is my first year having the reunion dinner with Hubby B's family. It was a nice and happy one. We had steamboat for dinner. So lets see what has we prepared. Some of the ingredients. Fish. Beef. A must have chili paste to go with the steamboat. Crab sticks. The favourite among the children. Varieties of vegetable. The elderly are waiting for the soup to boil. We have 3 tables for the night. Everyone is busy grabbing the food. Even Suzana is enjoying herself with us as well. Aiyo... when she doesn't get to eat, this is what she do......... Lots of washing for Suzana. Cousin Liang is listening to the lecture by Master of Alcohol. The ladies are busy painting their nails. I love this Ang Pao packet. Specially bought by FIL from China. The neighbourhood is lightning up to welcome the Year of Ox.