Happy New Year 2009

Jan 2, 2009

We held a new year countdown party at home with my friends and my in-laws friends. Before the arrival of the guests, we ..................

I got this Torch Ginger Flower from the garden. Free & beautiful right?

Table is set by 4pm.

Authentic Nyonya Rempah Udang which was made by a Auntie of Papa's friend.

Suzana looked serious. While she was preparing the Baked Fish & Squibs, ........

Our friend, Flame was waiting for her patiently.

Oh no.......... The zebra was hungry till she stole the Pandan leaves to eat??

Sea Coconut, Longan & Lemon dessert which was prepared by me.

Who is the chef behind this scene?

Haha.... it was my Hubby B. I miss the sausage & bacon. Super yummy!

Hmmm.... wonder who is the chicky Ben Ben looking at?

He was looking at Valerie. Shall we pair them up, Mummy Sharine?

2 naughty boys, Kai Jun & Lewis. Both was having fun with Flame. Lewis even pestered his mum to get a puppy for him. Liza, shall we sold off one of your branded bags so that Lewis can get his puppy soon? Muahaha..........

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year 2009! Sorry for the poor photo taken. :P

Handsome husband, Alfred & pretty wife, Lyanne.Fully agreed right?

Uncle Seet (the man on the left) loves to mix with the young one!

We were playing a Japanese game taught by my Hubby. It was fun & exciting. Guess BB has drank too much till he thrown out & slept in the toilet till 6 a.m.

Overall, the party was a great one. I want to thank to my MIL & Suzana for helping so much in preparing the food for the night. Thank you.