Reunion Dinner @ Bukit Beruang

Jan 26, 2009

This is my first year having the reunion dinner with Hubby B's family. It was a nice and happy one. We had steamboat for dinner. So lets see what has we prepared. Some of the ingredients. Fish. Beef. A must have chili paste to go with the steamboat. Crab sticks. The favourite among the children. Varieties of vegetable. The elderly are waiting for the soup to boil. We have 3 tables for the night. Everyone is busy grabbing the food. Even Suzana is enjoying herself with us as well. Aiyo... when she doesn't get to eat, this is what she do......... Lots of washing for Suzana. Cousin Liang is listening to the lecture by Master of Alcohol. The ladies are busy painting their nails. I love this Ang Pao packet. Specially bought by FIL from China. The neighbourhood is lightning up to welcome the Year of Ox.