Bad Services from Honda

Jun 17, 2009

Honda cars are selling like hot cakes nowadays, especially City and Civic. We don't deny that their design is so much nicer compared to the rest of the competitors in the market. Hence, we are also one of their recent buyer for Civic.

Personally, this is my first time dealing with Honda. I was happy with my previous deal with Toyota and the sales person provided excellent services. So, I expect to get almost the same service from Honda and if not, a better one compared to Toyota. Why? Because I'm dealing with my cousin! However, it was sad to say that the service is totally lousy.

From the day we confirmed our booking via a deposit of 3k, we were told that we will be getting the car in a month time. Fine! That was why we chose Civic rather than City. A week before the arrival date, I called to follow up the status. Then I have been told that there will be a delay of 2 weeks in delivering our car. What? The SP did not even bother to inform their client about the delay! We have no choice but to accept the fact.

Secondly, I told the SP to book the numbers that I wanted. No calls from the SP for 2 days. So I thought their runner has successfully booked the numbers for us. Anyway, I made the effort to call up again to check. Again, the SP told me that the number has been taken by somebody else. I was so pissed off. Who shall be responsible for this? JPJ, the runner or the SP? God knows!

1.5 weeks before getting the car, the SP informed me that we will be getting our car on the 15th. So I went to pay for the balance of down payment just a week before getting the car. Upon getting the receipt, I reconfirmed with the SP that we will get the car as per the date committed. Oh my........ guess what he said? "Yes, the car will be arrived on 15th but need to register with JPJ. So the fastest I can collect the car is on 16th." OK. I can't do much but to accept it.

On 16th morning, I messaged the SP to confirm the time to collect my car. He replied that maybe I can collect my car on 16th evening and if not, 17th. When I saw his reply, I could felt that my heart is boiling till the max! So coincidentally, my Hubby also could not stand their non-commit attitude anymore! He lodged an official complaint to Honda HQ. Again, the HQ was playing "Tai Chi" & pushed the responsibility to their dealer.

This morning, I text the SP that I will collect my car at 1030. To my surprise, he told me that road tax is not issued yet. Logically, it will not take too long to issue a road tax. So I got my friend to send me down to Honda 45 mins later. I called him that I have arrived & as expected, he answered me that I can only get the car by 4pm. Does it need to take a day for road tax issuance? Then he said that the car has to go JPJ for registration and also they need to fix my car plate too. Hey I thought the JPJ registration was supposed to be done yesterday? For the car plate, why can't they fix it on the 15th or 16th? Why they have to rush till the last minute? Anyway, we have totally given them up. I only managed to collect the car by 545pm. Delay again!

Frankly speaking, we're totally disappointed with the services provided by Honda. If you take the times to google, many owners out there have complained about their poor services; be it the sales services or the after car sales services. A piece of advice that we wanna give to Honda. Please do not behave so arrogant just because your cars are on hot demand. You are in the service industry. So please count on the days you can survive with such attitudes! For sure, Honda is never in our reccomendation list anymore!

Quality Times

Jun 7, 2009

Last 2 weeks, Hubby and I spent some quality times together. He suggested to cook steak for dinner. I only contributed to the side dishes, which were grilled corn and boiled baby carrots.

This premier corn was bought from Jusco. RM 3.50. I grilled it with the husk on. I applied some olive oil, cayenne pepper & salt on it. Super yummy!

Hubby B marinated the beef in the afternoon. So he did the grill job after he was back from his football.

Our job done! It is dinner time!

See this medium rare done steak! I love it but BB only allowed me to take 2 or 3 bites only!

Haha... we finished all the food. Yummy yummy!