Qiubo Kopitiam

Aug 18, 2008

We visited to Qiubo once again. The popiah has finished when we arrived there about 11 a.m. So BB ordered for Laksa & I tried out their Mee Siam.

\We also asked for a plate of Pie Hat to try. Hmmm.... this dish goes extremely well with the chili. The pastry is crispy & fresh too. Must try it when you have the chance to visit Qiubo.

Look for Qiubo for authentic Nyonya breakfast!

My Birthday with Friends

Aug 17, 2008

I took a day off for my birthday. I went to settle quite a number of things before meeting up my friends for lunch. We had it at Eastern Creative Melaka Raya (directly opposite Secret Recipe Melaka Raya).

My healthy salad. Highly recommended!

Another healthy fruit juice of mine - Dragon Fruit Juice.

Liza's Tom Yam Mee Hun.

Cheong & Gladys's set. Looks good right?

Chloe's Salmon Fried Rice. One of my recommendation as well.

Sam & Sharine's Fried Soba.

Sharine & Gladys, the 2 newly mums was seeking advices from the 2 aunties on the right.

Precious group photo with everyone in but the waitress spoilt it.

Group photo without Liza.

Group photo without Sam.

Jewelry box from my buddies (Gladys, Sharine, Cheong, Liza, Chloe & Kelvin). Thanks buddies. Do I have so much jewelry to store inside this box??

Thoughtful SIL, Cheng Leng has also gave me this Avene moisturizing mask.

Another gift from my future SIL?? Hahaha...... guess too much teasing from the floor already. Thanks Sam for the lovely gown jewelry stand.

Anyway, I had a great birthday celebration with all my buddies. Thank you to you all once again.

My Birthday with Family

Aug 15, 2008

Mum prepared this 'Red Hard-Boiled Eggs' for me on 29-July. This tradition has been repeated years by years to all of us. Hope I can also prepare it for her next year.
Then 2 ang pao packets from Mum & Dad. I didn't wanna take it but mum insisted to. I didn't have the chance to thank Dad personally as he has already left to work.

Dad wrote his wishes on the ang pao. Ever since my 21 years old birthday, I did not receive any gift from Dad anymore. This is the first time I received his ang pao after 12 years. Maybe I'm getting married soon and he wanna send his wishes to me for this year. Anyway, I text him a thank you note.

My elder brother spent me a scrumptious dinner at Tuk Suk Gong. Before we left to the restaurant, I called up Dad. He said he will be back soon. It was 7pm and he was still not back yet. I knew he was drinking with his friends & won't made it for the dinner already. We waited for another half an hour & we decided to go without him. He called me up asking where we heading to for the dinner. I told him the place & he replied me that he didn't like Korean food. Hence, he was not joining us for dinner. Well, I was disappointed with his reply. For me, the food is not important. If he will to come back early and told us that he wanted a Chinese cuisine, we will change the venue. I just wished that we can have a good quality of get together times before I'm marry.

Following are the side dishes served during the dinner. It was most of less the same as per my last visit.

This pancake is very delicious.

Ginseng Chicken Soup. It wasn't as per my expectation.

Korean Glass Noodle. The chef cooked it just nice & it was very yummy.

Seafood pancake. It was very crunchy. Mum said she wanted to try out this dish.

He has his personal chopsticks.

Mum, Kai Jun & I. Cis! Dirty Kai Jun was digging his nose.

The one in green is my younger brother. Greedy Kai Jun was peeping on the cake.

This Chocolate Cheese Cake was bought by my younger brother.

Lets say 'cheese' before singing the birthday's song.

He just couldn't wait to swallow the cake.

My elder brother, my SIL and Kai Jun.

My favourite junk from Tuk Suk Gong. I asked the lady boss whether she sells this crackers. Yes, I got this big pack for RM 10.

Thanks everyone in the family for celebrating my 33-year-old birthday!

My Birthday with Hubby B

On 25th July, BB came in to the room & gave me this present. Hmm....... he made the effort to wrap my birthday's present! I'm amazed! Haha.... Throughout our years together, he has never wrapped any of my presents himself. All were done by the shop people. Though the wrapping is a bit simple but I really appreciated his hard work.

He has asked me to guess the present inside this box. I shook it, I felt it but I couldn't figured out what was the surprise. A watch? An iPhone? The latest model of bluetooth? Wrong, wrong, wrong! I gave up! BB teased me for not guessing the surprise correctly. :(

I unwrapped the paper & it was a Wii controller. Oh no....... my dream gadget. Since we played it during our stay at Pulau Tenggol in June, I kept on teasing him that I wanted a Wii for my birthday present. He has fulfilled my dream. Thanks BB.

Anyway, I think that I didn't fail to guess the present. It was cunning BB that only wrapped the controller up. If he has given me the whole set, I would definitely guess it correctly. Hahaha...

We enjoyed playing Wii together, especially the tennis & bowling games. What a good form of exercise without exposing under the sun. ;p

Since BB couldn't be with me during my birthday, we only had the celebration on 1st Aug. We went to Secret Recipe for dinner & also for the cakes.

Salad for me. On diet! No choice.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles for him.

Green Tea Ice Blended.

California Cheese Cake.

Grains & Nuts Cheese Cake. I like this healthy cheese cake. 2 thumbs up.