Dungun & Kuala Terengganu 31st May - 1st June, 08

Jun 2, 2008

It was drizzling when we were driving to meet the rest of the friends at Gombak Toll. I never been to Batu Cave & the huge golden color statue attracted me. It took us 4 hours to reach Dungun. So we arrived at Liang Hock's parents house about 630pm. Their house is nice. They have a Nitendo Wii room. We fell in love with Wii. Hehe... His mum prepared a scrumptious dinner for us. We were served with crabs, squibs, prawns, fish, pork, vegetables, etc. After a few round of the Wii games, I decided to have an early night. BB & his buddies enjoyed gambling & drinking at the garden.

Before we left to Pulau Tenggol, we had another delicious meal from Liang Hock's mum. She cooked their local specialty, Nasi Minyak for our breakfast. We even packed it for our lunch.
We rent a speed boat to Pulau Tenggol. Hubby & I had an exciting 30 minutes journey there. Why? Because we were sitting at the front seat of the boat. No choice lor. The rest are with their kids, so we gotta sacrifice ourselves. However, it was really fun. Since I can't swim, I have stayed at the beach with Chew's daughter & wife & Siew Fen too. However, I did go for a not so far 'snorkeling' with BB too. The gals are enjoying themselves.

I had a mild argument with BB. When the boat man rode us to the a 15ft deep sea, I managed to dip into the sea by holding the bar. Hey I could see the sea world. Actually I was quite proud of myself as this was my first step to take such a big courage to do so. I thought BB will give me some word of encouragement. Who knows he kept on teasing me "kiasi" (coward)! I felt so irritated & I totally shut myself off from him. Due to self-esteem problem, I decided not to hold him while on our way back with the boatman. It was rather scary as the boat was quite bumpy. Anyway, I made it throughout the journey. ;-P

Everyone slept early during the night! Poor Hubby & Chew were not able to drink that night.

The next morning, we departed to Kuala Terengganu. It was about 1.5 hours journey. We had a short visit to Crystal Mosque as the weather was super hot. Nothing fancy but we think it should look much more beautiful at night.
Then we went to this Perkampungan Keropok Lekor at Lesong (Fish Sausages Village). It a village where you could see many stalls selling this Fish Sausage. Surprisingly, all the stalls are full with customers. Liang Hock told us that the local Chinese named it as "Kao Sai" (dog shit). Er....... actually it looks quite like it. :-) We bought a frozen pack home to try.
Then we went to their local market. They eat turtle eggs. Isn't it cruel?
This is the boiled one.And this is the raw one. Oh disgusting! I better leave the stall!

We went to a local restaurant for lunch. Liang Hock's cousin ordered so much food for us. As it is the squib season now, we definitely can't resist this grilled squib!Their Rojak Ayam. Something special & it tastes good.
He got stung by the sea mites while snorkeling. I had few on my legs but it weren't a serious one.

Overall, the trip was a good one. We both had a mild sunburn.


steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

You can report to the authority regards to the turtle eggs.

Did u have the name of the stall? Let me know...also the location, I will make a report of it.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi steph, looks like a fun trip wt great views & foods. :)

oh, i love keropok lekor! nowadays it's hard to find a stall that sells very thinly sliced keropok lekor. But i just found one near my new home. It's yummy~licious!!

oh, the turtle eggs totally turn me down! gross!!

Jean Chia

p/s: welcome to the green world, steph! it's a great pleasure to have u with us! Hv fun in going green!! :D

Agnes C said...

That's was a terrible sea mites bite..I thought we are banned from selling turtle eggs? how come they are still selling them kan?

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Steph & Agnes:
I thought that too but when you are in their local market, you can see most of the stalls are selling it. The local (I believe the older generation) still eat the turtle eggs. It totally turned us down.