Lucas's Full Moon

Nov 30, 2008

Today is Lucas's Full Moon. When I reached home, Mum & Auntie have got all the food ready. So we wait for SIL & Lucas to come over for prayer. Homemade Chicken Pies for friends and relatives.

My favourite Glutinous Rice from Mum. This is a must have food during full moon.

Red Eggs which symbolized prosperity!

Auntie & Lucas.

This brother can be quite rough sometimes.

Pray for this little one to grow up healthily.

The nicest confinement lady we have ever met.

He has high metabolism rate. He would ask for milk every 1 hr.

Egg lover. He can eat many eggs if you do not stop him. No wonder he is born in the year of Roaster. Haha.......

Simple meal to entertain some of the guests.

Self-admired? Haha......

Lucas has a mature look. Don't you agree?

Notice that both brothers are wearing the Lightning McQueen's T-shirt? Kai Jun said that he looks better with McQueen's T than his DiDi, Lucas. Pengsan.......