Am I that forgetful?

May 30, 2007

After rushing back from Seremban, I immediately get myself prepared to my yoga class. Once I got down from my car, hmm.... why Caroline's gate is closed one? Am I too early? I wanted to call my yoga's fren but realised that I don't keep their number. Yup...Neo Ee Ting! So I rang her up. She told me that the instructor told them before that there will be no class on the 5th week of the month. Huh... Why I didn't know? Caroline did inform us last week but I guess I wasn't paying attention at that time. Serve me right!

K800i or K810i?

May 29, 2007

Finally the long waiting Sony Ericsson K810i has launched. I went to the SE concept store for a quick view. Hmmm... the outlook is cool but the keypads look fragile to me & it will leave finger prints on it. Lilian offered me at RM 1500 for original set. She advised me to take K800i rather than K810i because of the keypads issue too. Besides, there is no additional features compared to his predecessor. She offered me AP set @ RM 1185 together with 1GB original M2 card. She also asked me to consider N73 limited edition which cost @ RM 1355 with 2GB memory card. I'm thinking of changing to K800i but before proceed further, I wanted to seek BB opinions first. BB told me to wait for his return this fri & we'll go to see it together.

I'm sorry!

May 28, 2007

I did something bad this morning. I went to Dr. Pang's clinic today. While parking my car, this uncle who drives a Proton Saga parked his car so close to mine. I was thinking he will definitely hit my left car's door upon open his door. Pong.... he did but he pretended as if there is nothing happened. He walked off without apologise to me. His was so rude. Suddenly my evil mind told me to teach him a lesson. Once I noticed that he has entered to the building, I immediately came out from my car & turn to his car. I scratched few lines on his car. Then I faster went into my car. Haha... I know I am very rude too but I just couldn't stand what he has done to me. :-P

Yummy Crabs

May 26, 2007

Roger & I went for Sea View Restaurant's crab last night. I ordered salted crabs, cockles and a white wines. Yummy Yummy. The dinner was a great one. The cockles are big & juicy while the crabs meat are so thick.... especially when it goes along with the white wines. It could be even better if BB is with me.

Blogs Do Make Money Community

May 24, 2007

I can do it!

May 23, 2007

As usual, I had my yoga class this evening. Caroline taught us a pose named Plough Pose. Wow.... it looks challenging to me. I don't think I can do it. As a fact, I failed to bring my legs further beyond my haed. Then I tried again in the 2nd set. Caroline assisted me this time. With her support & guidance, I can bring my legs towards my head but not beyond the head yet. When she let go, I tried myself with the help of my breathing. Eh... I felt that my legs are touching the floor. Is it real? Haha... I can, I can do it! Yeah... It was a great achievement for today. Well done, Stephanie!
What is Plough Pose? Well, a lot people complain about stiffness on the neck and lower back as a result of stress and wrong posture. In the Plough Pose, you stretch the neck and the lower back muscles. At the same time you achieve a new structure in your back. As a result of the way you place the neck and the legs you get hardly any chance to compensate stiffness in the neck or lower back. The Plough is also good for your digestion and it strengthens the kidneys, the liver and the gall bladder.


May 21, 2007

It was great to hear that Chelsea has successfully concurred the FA Cup over the Red Devil last Saturday. Despite of the injuries that Chelsea's squad suffered, I would think that Chelsea has done a fantastic job, especially Didier Drogba. Even though that I did not manage to watch the game, I was delighted when BB messaged me of the result. Hmm I would want to tell Sir Alex & Rafa that Chelsea is still the best team. Haha.... We have 2 cups in hand while ManU has the only EPL cup. How about Liverpool? Is was yet to know yet as they are going to face AC Milan this Thurs. Ha...I think the chance is very slim this time. Good luck, Rafa.

Forgetful & Lucky Hubby B!

While I was watching Discovery Health, I heard a familiar ringing tone. Hey... It was my Hubby B! Never expect to receive his call at this hour.
He shared with me that he has a funny day. Upon starting his car engine this morning to go back to Klang office, he realized that he has forgotten to put his hair gel on. Then, on his half way thru, he discovered that he was wearing his trousers without a belt (Normally, my Hubby B is quite organized but what had happened to him this morning? Maybe missing me too much). Haha... So after his lunch hour, he went to JJ to shop for his belt. It is so coincidentally that JJ is holding a shoes fair. So he decided to look for a pair of his squash shoes. Finally he gotten the pair that he wants which was with a 30% discount. However, the shoes' tag did not indicate the discount given. So he was trying his luck by checking with the promoter of the discount. The poor gal told him that the shoes is entitled for 30% discount. Then the naughty BB teased her that it should be 50% dicsount instead. Without double checking with the boxes again, the gal given him 50% discount on the pair of Adidas shoes. It comes up to about RM 99. Haha.... because of her laziness, I guess she gotta pay for the losses later when she did her sales closing at the end of the day! But my forgetful Ah Pek has gained a worth buy for himself.

Old Quarters

May 15, 2007

Honestly, if you miss this, you've not been to Hanoi at all ! The Old Quarters is where you'll find the Hanoi's Hearbeat. Wander along the clogged arterial streets of the place and you'll find that each street specialises in a special trade. Eg. There is a street that sells nothing but herbs, another sells clothes, etc. I did not shop much there but just bought few pcs of embroidery shoes bags as souvenier.

Amazing Race in Hanoi

As soon as the group photos session at the Opera House done, we started our amazing race in Hanoi. My team leader is Michael & the rest of the members are Julia, Yow, Georgia, Mah, Kok Leong, May, Dr. Suraj & me.

Our task is either finding for the local stuffs, places of interests or translates the vietnamese language to English. Each task is given different points. So we gotta pick & choose the tasks with higher points, if possible.

We were the 5th team to reach the destination, Thang Long Restaurant. Though we were not the top 3 teams, but I guess everyone of us enjoyed the races. We were so exhausted and busy filling up our stomach with the vietnamese food. Haha...

Hanoi Opera House

The Hanoi Opera House is a beautiful example of the French Colonial architecture here. Hanoi Opera House is painted in bright yellow color & is the largest theatre in Vietnam. Its construction started in 1901 and was completed in 1911. Unfortunately, to get inside you'll have to attend a performance, but that should be enjoyable as well.

Are you ready?

May 14, 2007

One thing you will notice the very first day in Hanoi is people do not pay any attention to pedestrians. So, you have to follow some very simple rules if you even hope to cross a street. First, be aggressive. There is always someone on a motorcycle in front of you and you just have to get out in the street and stake your claim. Second, do not stop. This only confuses the drivers. They are quite adept at weaving around pedestrians if you keep walking at an even pace. I rarely saw any accidents so don’t sweat it too much.

Hanoi, 12 Hours To Go!

May 13, 2007

Yeah... I'm leaving to Hanoi tomorrow. Kind of looking forward to this trip though it is not as good as other companies' incentive trip. But I believe we will gain a fantastic travelling experiences there. According to one of the travelling website, it said that anyone who has ever visited Hanoi will probably tell you that it may be the most beautiful city in all of Asia. Woo... really? I thought China should be the one?? Never mind, I will let you know when I'm back from there with the proof of pictures, k.

Hmm... but the saddest thing is I will not be able to see BB for a week. I guess I will miss his cheeky smile very much. Ya, I will also miss the calling of "Xiao Zu". Anyway, I promised BB that I will have a good trip there & share with him my experiences later.

Sleepless Night!

May 12, 2007

Yesterday, I suffered from a terrible migraine from the morning till the night. After watching the 930pm drama with BB, I went up to have my shower. I tried to sleep but I could not. So I turned on my PC. Unluckily, the wireless was not setup by BB yet. Then I opened up an article that Cheryl forwarded to us for reading. While reading, I heard some noises that came up from the rooftop. It was liked someone was walking on it. My heart was pumping so fast. I was so scared. I rang BB up from upstairs & asked him to come up to company me. The sound getting nosier. BB turned up & I felt so mch secured & relief. BB suspected was a rat. So we ignored it & decided to watch a movie, The Contract by Morgan Freeman. As usual, I dozed off half way.

In the middle of the night, BB was awaken by Dino. He kept on barking. BB was peeping from the window but nothing was there. He decided to go out to check out the truth. I was so worried & peeped from the window too. My mind started to wonder & imagine that someone wants to break into the house. Will they hurt BB? So worried & so scared at that time.

BB came up about 15 mins later. So glad to see BB again. He told me that he suspected it was an animal. Everything seems quiet after that. BB teased me "Tidur Babi"! Haha.....BB & I sleep soundly again!

Mother's Day Celebration

May 10, 2007

We had our Mother's Day celebration this evening at Long Hua restaurant. We picked up steamboat & Cantonese style fried kuey teow from the menu. As usual, Kai Jun is the central of attraction. When he saw us eating the kuey teow, he was waiting for someone to feed him. Hmmm... yummy. He liked it a lot. "Tam Chiak" (greedy)! Haaha....

The steamboat was a good one. Everybody likes it except Dia, I guess. Because it was with pork. But she has no choice but to swallow as her hosts were there. Besides, the vinegar chilies was a great supplementary to the steamboat. It brings out the taste of the steamboat. I bet you will like it, if you got the chance to taste it.

We all had a very filling dinner. My stomach almost burst. Haha...

My lovely mum, hope you enjoy the dinner too!

What Is The Purpose of Living?

May 8, 2007

Do u ever think how should u live in your life? I just finished watching a Taiwan talk show. It is a life story of how a young man fight against stage 3 bowel cancer . He was only 28 years old during that time. He was badly hit by the news as he never thought that he will be the victim. Luckily, with the supports of his family, he managed to face his problems strongly. He has completed his 1st stage of his chemotherapy, & he is scheduled for surgery soon. Lets hope that he will successfully fight against his cancer & live happily ever after.
A normal person like us would never think of how should we spend our life meaningfully. We will always complain this & that. It supposed to be like this, it supposed not to be like that, ..... When something strike u, like the young man I mentioned above, then only you start to cherish every single of your moment in life. You will want to live to your fullness!
So, how would u want to live in your entire life? This is still a question for me to work on. How about you?

The Real World Is Cruel

May 7, 2007

Following are the sms that I had with BB after the end of Chelsea game with Arsenal on Sunday:

Stephanie: BB, why is Jose behaved so emotional huh?
Tak Feng: I was also surprised he is so emotional. Well, if Chelsea sacked him,
I'll be surprised. He done well.
Stephanie: Ya lor. He did well. The real world is so cruel!
Tak Feng: Well, that's what people said. I don't believe that. I believe in our

I somehow can't figure out his meaning! Maybe I'll ask BB this Fri & then I will post it to the blog later, k.

In my opinion, life is nothing less than brutally cruel for every life form, including both plants and animals. Any animal that canot fend for itself for food, defence or shelter will either die or be eaten. A plant that grows in an uninviting place with too much competition or too little protection or nutrition will die. Nature shows no mercy.

I'd think that the life forms that can adapt best to changing conditions will survive. In addition to the many other skills needed to survive, successful animals and plants need to be able to adapt.

One of the biggest expectations we always make about life is that it is predictable. There is nothing predictable, fair or even safe about life. At any time. Self deception or believing someone that tells us that life will be good for us will keep us from facing the truth about ourselves.

Those who are prepared to cope with life's circumstances, especially as they change, will survive and thrive best. As life seems to be changing more rapidly than previously in history, we may want to consider teaching coping skills in order to better prepared ourselves for the trials and tribulations we will face later.

Welcome American Cocker Spaniels!

May 6, 2007

We will be having a new pet soon. It's a Cocker Spaniel. It was given by a friend's friend of Hubby B. It's 3 years old now. He bought this champion breed at about RM 10k. He given away because he has no times to take care of her & he has 8 dogs with him currently. Rich man's hobby. :-) Anyway, the owner has set a weird condition to us that the dog gotta stay in the house. If he found a good breed for us, then we must give him the puppy. Funny owner.

Read thru the web that CS is a cheerful, sweet, and sensitive breed. The CS is respectful of its master's authority without much challenge. Merry and endearing. A happy tail-wagger. Gentle and trusting, with average intelligence. They are lively, playful and devoted. They are usually good with children too. Since it has good personalities & is free, then we are glad to accept it into our family.

I have told BB that I will be responsible to take care of her. Bath her, feed her & of course love her. Hehe... Jgn hangat2 tahi ayam.

I'm only worry how would BB's mother react once she sees BB bringing a pet home again next week. Haha...

Angry or Happy?

May 5, 2007

If a person makes you mad enough & you are yelling at the top of your lungs at one another, your adreniline is pumping, your blood & heart rushing to the point of no return, to the violent barrier we all have and if that person pushes you far enough something in your mind snaps and you become an animal once more, you return to your basic animal instincts and do what they do in the wild: attack. that is why we fight after an argument…your adenline wants to calm down so your body follows through with it until it expels most of it.

But how would you actually feel after the argument? Did it make u a happier person? No, no, no.... In fact, I can tell u the truth that both parties are unhappy, especially when you argued with your love ones.

So, what should we do? I'd suggest that both parties sit down peacefully & discussed. Share the issues & concerns. Reason out the problems. Then, try to find the solution. If they converse successfully, then that would be a happy ending, right?

Smile........ Ya, that's the right one! Both of you look so charming!

Where Is My Slippers?

May 4, 2007

BB & I went JJ shopping just now. He is searching for his right pair of slippers. We see few places but nothing has caught his eyes. When he finally saw the one that he wants, they have no available size. What a bad luck, BB.

Though he ended up empty handed but I get to know his taste towards slippers. :-)
Its never the end of understanding ur partner. If we do take the initiative to understand & care for each others, then the love will be everlasting.....

Paul Robinson Goal

Tottenham Hotspurs' keeper- Paul Robinson scored against watford from 80 yards!superb!!!

Perfect Love?

May 3, 2007

Do u think you can love unconditionally?

There is a Taiwan Talk Show shown in Astro channel 27 every 7:30pm. The person will assign the host to bring up his / her relationship issues to 3 judges. In the same time, the host will also invite the ppl involved to the show so that everything can be talked / confessed openly to everyone. At the end of the show, the judges will provide their suggestion to the couple & then they have to decide whether to reunion or to break up.

This evening, there is this man who would want to try to patch up with his gf. They've been together for 2.5 years. However, he claimed that his so called gf has a "very weird" characters. She speaks with one kind of slang, with certain posture, especially her "buddha hand" & also with one or two English words in between the conversation. She also likes to carry a dog doll with her, anytime & anywhere. I noticed that whenever she converses in Mandarin, she is very gentle but when she speaks Hokkien, she is so rough.

The man could not tolerate with her behaviour anymore. His friends are laughing at him & family members cannot get along with her. She has already spoilt by her parents since young. They provide her with everthing she asked for & eventually she has became too spendthrift.

In later part, she reviewed that she has suffered from meningitis at the age of 12. This incident has caused her weird characters. Anyway, the man wanted to ask for a break-up. Suddenly, she screamed & shouted hysterically. The man called her retarded & crazy woman. He even asked her mum to send her home. Her mum felt so painful to see her daughter suffering. The host trying to resolve the issue by asking both parties to stay on & discuss. With the tears & the power of love, the man has confessed his love to her once again!

There is no perfect love in the real life. We must learn to accept the imperfectness of our partner. Then, we will learn & work hand-in-hand for a better future.


Woo.... After resting for a 5 days (wkend, labour day & wesak), we gotta starts work tomorrow. Tired? Exiciting? It is for me to know & for u to find out then.

Well, I went Pasar Malam with BB this evening. Initially I saw one beggar who is immobile & begging the passenger for money. Then continuously I'm seeing 2, 3, 4 & 5 beggars in pasar malam... I started to notice this particular beggar who seems to be a healthy one. Then I start to wonder if they are actually being controlled by a group of ppl. This is further confirmed by BB that those beggars are taken care by some party. They provide them food and bring them to pasar malam to beg. At the end of the day, the money they get will be taken by those party...very pity them! I felt so uneasy to see them being controlled & suffered from those ppl. Why are ppl behaving so mean & can't they earn a living with their own effort & their own hands pls?

The End of The Dream for Chelsea

May 2, 2007

I'm disappointed with the result this morning! Chelsea has lost 4-1 to Liverpool for the penalty shoot-out. It was a tough game from the start & Liverpool played a very defensive game. Anyway, it has already over. I believe the Blues can still make their victory next year. Hopefully, the rest of the players, like Lampard & Terry & of course the manager, Jose Mourinho will still remain in the club by that time.

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May 1, 2007

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The Story Behind The Pic

Hubby, thanks for ur high-fibre drink which contained of pears & apples, I guess. I ran to the toilet twice while creating our first blog!! Woo.... Anyway, I feel so much relief now!

Hurray! Champion's League Tonight!

Little Wife: BB, all Chelsea's fans are definitely going to roar at Anfield tonight. Haha...

Hubby B: Are you sure or not? See what have they performed during last Saturday's game against Newcastle? Some more, Essien, Ricardo Carvalho & Michael Ballack are not playing, you know?

Little Wife: Hmm... BB don't play-play with my team huh. Later, I asked Drogba & Joe Cole to show you the power again, then the Reds will die awfully once more. :-)

P/S: I guess I shall piggy for an hr before the exciting game starts at 2am. Else, I'll be liked what BB always claim as a "Babi Panggang (Roast Piglet)" while watching the game.