Angry or Happy?

May 5, 2007

If a person makes you mad enough & you are yelling at the top of your lungs at one another, your adreniline is pumping, your blood & heart rushing to the point of no return, to the violent barrier we all have and if that person pushes you far enough something in your mind snaps and you become an animal once more, you return to your basic animal instincts and do what they do in the wild: attack. that is why we fight after an argument…your adenline wants to calm down so your body follows through with it until it expels most of it.

But how would you actually feel after the argument? Did it make u a happier person? No, no, no.... In fact, I can tell u the truth that both parties are unhappy, especially when you argued with your love ones.

So, what should we do? I'd suggest that both parties sit down peacefully & discussed. Share the issues & concerns. Reason out the problems. Then, try to find the solution. If they converse successfully, then that would be a happy ending, right?

Smile........ Ya, that's the right one! Both of you look so charming!