What Is The Purpose of Living?

May 8, 2007

Do u ever think how should u live in your life? I just finished watching a Taiwan talk show. It is a life story of how a young man fight against stage 3 bowel cancer . He was only 28 years old during that time. He was badly hit by the news as he never thought that he will be the victim. Luckily, with the supports of his family, he managed to face his problems strongly. He has completed his 1st stage of his chemotherapy, & he is scheduled for surgery soon. Lets hope that he will successfully fight against his cancer & live happily ever after.
A normal person like us would never think of how should we spend our life meaningfully. We will always complain this & that. It supposed to be like this, it supposed not to be like that, ..... When something strike u, like the young man I mentioned above, then only you start to cherish every single of your moment in life. You will want to live to your fullness!
So, how would u want to live in your entire life? This is still a question for me to work on. How about you?