Mother's Day Celebration

May 10, 2007

We had our Mother's Day celebration this evening at Long Hua restaurant. We picked up steamboat & Cantonese style fried kuey teow from the menu. As usual, Kai Jun is the central of attraction. When he saw us eating the kuey teow, he was waiting for someone to feed him. Hmmm... yummy. He liked it a lot. "Tam Chiak" (greedy)! Haaha....

The steamboat was a good one. Everybody likes it except Dia, I guess. Because it was with pork. But she has no choice but to swallow as her hosts were there. Besides, the vinegar chilies was a great supplementary to the steamboat. It brings out the taste of the steamboat. I bet you will like it, if you got the chance to taste it.

We all had a very filling dinner. My stomach almost burst. Haha...

My lovely mum, hope you enjoy the dinner too!