Sleepless Night!

May 12, 2007

Yesterday, I suffered from a terrible migraine from the morning till the night. After watching the 930pm drama with BB, I went up to have my shower. I tried to sleep but I could not. So I turned on my PC. Unluckily, the wireless was not setup by BB yet. Then I opened up an article that Cheryl forwarded to us for reading. While reading, I heard some noises that came up from the rooftop. It was liked someone was walking on it. My heart was pumping so fast. I was so scared. I rang BB up from upstairs & asked him to come up to company me. The sound getting nosier. BB turned up & I felt so mch secured & relief. BB suspected was a rat. So we ignored it & decided to watch a movie, The Contract by Morgan Freeman. As usual, I dozed off half way.

In the middle of the night, BB was awaken by Dino. He kept on barking. BB was peeping from the window but nothing was there. He decided to go out to check out the truth. I was so worried & peeped from the window too. My mind started to wonder & imagine that someone wants to break into the house. Will they hurt BB? So worried & so scared at that time.

BB came up about 15 mins later. So glad to see BB again. He told me that he suspected it was an animal. Everything seems quiet after that. BB teased me "Tidur Babi"! Haha.....BB & I sleep soundly again!