The Real World Is Cruel

May 7, 2007

Following are the sms that I had with BB after the end of Chelsea game with Arsenal on Sunday:

Stephanie: BB, why is Jose behaved so emotional huh?
Tak Feng: I was also surprised he is so emotional. Well, if Chelsea sacked him,
I'll be surprised. He done well.
Stephanie: Ya lor. He did well. The real world is so cruel!
Tak Feng: Well, that's what people said. I don't believe that. I believe in our

I somehow can't figure out his meaning! Maybe I'll ask BB this Fri & then I will post it to the blog later, k.

In my opinion, life is nothing less than brutally cruel for every life form, including both plants and animals. Any animal that canot fend for itself for food, defence or shelter will either die or be eaten. A plant that grows in an uninviting place with too much competition or too little protection or nutrition will die. Nature shows no mercy.

I'd think that the life forms that can adapt best to changing conditions will survive. In addition to the many other skills needed to survive, successful animals and plants need to be able to adapt.

One of the biggest expectations we always make about life is that it is predictable. There is nothing predictable, fair or even safe about life. At any time. Self deception or believing someone that tells us that life will be good for us will keep us from facing the truth about ourselves.

Those who are prepared to cope with life's circumstances, especially as they change, will survive and thrive best. As life seems to be changing more rapidly than previously in history, we may want to consider teaching coping skills in order to better prepared ourselves for the trials and tribulations we will face later.