Nyonya Style Popiah

Mar 29, 2009

In conjunction to Qing Ming, mum has cooked my favourite Nyonya Popiah for the prayer to our ancestors. This dish looks simple but in actual fact, the preparation is not an easy one. Lets see what are the ingredients needed.

The making of the Popiah skin (crepe). You need lots of patience when making this crepe. Haha... Only my Mum has this patience to do so. That's why I always appreciate her efforts in making this skin - Just for me! Thanks Mi!

The sweet sauce which was gotten from the market. The actual Nyonya sweet sauce supposed to be steam version. I recalled my auntie did it before.

The garlic chili.

The shredded turnip / Yam Beans which fried with minced pork and prawns.

The lettuce & coriander leaves.

Shredded cucumber.

Beansprouts. I remembered that when I was young, my grandmother asked me to tail the beansprouts whenever they wanna make Popiah. I disliked this assigned task because it was boring!

The finely cut omelettes.

The fishcake.

All ingredients are ready to be assembled.

See! My nicely wrapped Popiah! I can't wait to put you into my mouth! Muahaha...

It is so juicy and delicious! I had a total of 6 popiah for today! BB said our baby must be complaining inside the womb. Haha...

Mum, thanks a lot in making this Nyonya Popiah for me.

Dad's 60th Birthday

Mar 4, 2009

Dad's birthday falls on Tuesday, 24th Feb. Due to it is a working day, we have planned for early celebration on 22nd Feb. We chose to have the steamboat at Golden Mansion Restaurant because it is Dad's favourite.

He enjoyed his crab stick so much. This is his favourite food now.

A chocolate cake from Singapore. Thanks to my MIL for sponsoring this cake. Hehe...

A picture of all the elderly. :P

Daddy and I. He is thin now. He will be going for his CABG surgery on 28th August. Hope everything will be fine and I sincerely wish him to have a strong and healthy body.

This are the young generation! Why is PoPo sitting so far away?

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Tok Suk Gong

Mar 3, 2009

We have been visited to Tok Suk Gong several times. They serve nice and authentic Korean food. We went there again last 2 weeks.

I ordered my favourite Fried Seafood Pancake. Upon it was served, my instinct told me that the pancake for tonight is bad. It looked so oily. Besides, the BBQ pork was also poorly grilled. Somehow I told BB that they must have changed their chef. I asked the waitress and she acknowledged that they have changed their chef recently.

No wonder! I was so disppointed with the meal and doubt will ever return there again.

His First Attempt

Mar 1, 2009

BB likes to cook when he has the mood. However, his way of cooking is like Jamie Oliver. He doesn't follow the recipe and also the measurement. Whatever he think he likes, he will add. While for me, I prefer to follow the recipe so that nothing much can go wrong. So what has he cooked for us for the past 2 months?

He made this Ham for about a week. MIL helped to smoke the meat. It looks delicious and tempting right? The taste was quite ok except it was a bit salty.

He is cooking the ham now.

Ta da.... Caramel Pork. Slurp slurp!

Fried Garlic Pork. This taste marvelous too.

. His another first attempt in baking Marble Cheese Cake. He failed due to the cake was too sweet and the use of Kahlua in this recipe. Besides, he did not add in sour cream as well. However, he tried it again 3 days later. Hmm....... I must praise him that the cake is superb this time. It is as though as we are eating the creamy Marble Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. Thanks for your hard work, BB!