His First Attempt

Mar 1, 2009

BB likes to cook when he has the mood. However, his way of cooking is like Jamie Oliver. He doesn't follow the recipe and also the measurement. Whatever he think he likes, he will add. While for me, I prefer to follow the recipe so that nothing much can go wrong. So what has he cooked for us for the past 2 months?

He made this Ham for about a week. MIL helped to smoke the meat. It looks delicious and tempting right? The taste was quite ok except it was a bit salty.

He is cooking the ham now.

Ta da.... Caramel Pork. Slurp slurp!

Fried Garlic Pork. This taste marvelous too.

. His another first attempt in baking Marble Cheese Cake. He failed due to the cake was too sweet and the use of Kahlua in this recipe. Besides, he did not add in sour cream as well. However, he tried it again 3 days later. Hmm....... I must praise him that the cake is superb this time. It is as though as we are eating the creamy Marble Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. Thanks for your hard work, BB!


steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

u got a good husband!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Haha... just because he can cook?? :P

Han said...

wow! cook like chef oh!