Praying to The Heavenly King (Pia Tien Kong)

Feb 28, 2009

As usual, every family, especially the Hokkien will set the table for the prayer of Heavenly King on the 8th day of CNY. Though we are Cantonese, we also join the crowds for this once a year event. I like this day very much because this is like another reunion for the family and also the atmosphere is as happening as the preparation before the CNY.

I did not help out much this year. However, my efficient mum can also cope it very well. Hehe...

The table is set and is waiting for the prayer to start.

The so called money that supposed to burn to the Heavenly King. Mum did not fold and open up each piece of this money this year. Guess she must be tired.

Aiyo... what are this 2 men offering to you le?

Still waiting for ur "Pop Pop"? No wonder you look so obedient.

Godzila started the praying ceremony.

Praying for this little one to be good, obedient and score As for his studies. Poor you. So stress!

Daddy joined in later for the prayer.

Dad and Mum are sending their wishes to the Heavenly King. :)

His most respected girlfriend, Winnie. Kai Jun, can you be gentle a little bit please?

His dad's precious. Never let anyone to play with it but today is the exceptional case. Why le??

He has cleaned up himself and started to disturb the people around him. BB is the first victim.
The camera is the 2nd victim!

He even refused to take the family photo!

I'm the 3rd victim. Haha... We like to play this facial expression games.

It was almost 12pm and the ceremony is ending soon.

What are this 2 looking at?

What are you showing to your best friend le, Kai Jun?

Oh gosh! What has frighten him?

See his chubby cheeks. Feel like pinching him right?

That is the end of the prayer. We left home after helping clearing out all the offerings.