Godzilla's House

Feb 27, 2009

During the 3rd day of CNY, we went to Godzilla's house. Woo... sound like a scary and adventurous visit huh. Haha........ No la! I always like to call my elder brother as Godzilla because he always look so strict and fierce. What to do? Being the eldest in the family. However, he is a good. Just that he doesn't show it to us.

3 months old. Luckily he was awake when we visited him. So we get to play with him for a while. I do not spend much times with him cause he is not taking care by my mum. But I cherish the moments when I see him.

A pic with Lucas.

Finally we get to take this picture together. :)

Do they look alike? I think so.

He missed his babyhood. Haha...