No Matter!

Mar 30, 2008

This song is played in most of the Hong Kong series. I love it very much. Enjoy the song & lyrics.

Asparagus Pee

I love asparagus, especially the Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Bundles prepared by Hubby B. However, I also dislike to go to the toilet after having asparagus. Why??? Because BB & I will get this distinctive smell in my pee.

I googled last night & I found the answer. According to the expert, this is not a sign of a disease. In fact, it's a good news that our kidneys are perfectly functioning. Reason being is because asparagus is filled with sulfur-containing amino acids which break down after our ingestion. Please take note that only 40% of the people with proper gene can smell this special odor. Wow... so Hubby & I are the few special one!

Congratulation on Your New House

Mar 29, 2008

Jo-N's 'house warming party' was fantastic. Her house is full of love. For those who has visited her house, I bet you will agree with me that she is a woman that loves children & she is loved by everyone as well.

The party started with yummylicious buffet. We just can't stop ourselves taking the finger licking food from the tables. After the scrumptious buffet, we are filled with a series of games. Laughters were spread in every corner of the house.
Besides the food & games, we also received award from Jo-N as well. Wow... this was like my company's annual dinner & dance night. :) Thanks for everything, Jo-N.

Earth Hour 2008

Mar 28, 2008

After our yoga class this evening, Caroline told us that the world will be celebrating Earth Hour on March 29, 8pm. This event was started by Sydney, Australia in year 2007. However, due to the increasing awareness in the global warming issues, this event has been declared as a world event now!

So what can you contribute from 8-9pm tomorrow? It is simple. Just turn off all the lights & unused appliances for just an hour, irregardless what you are doing at that hour! If everyone is doing it, can you imagine how much of energy we have conserved after 1-hour?

Who Is The Culprit?

Mar 22, 2008

We both suffered from food poisoning yesterday. BB was the first victim. He thrown out twice after we came back from Jusco. This is the first time I'm seeing him so weak. His fever attacked him on & off. He refused to take any food. I gave him a yogurt & he couldn't even finished it. He was dehydrated & he has asked me to make him a glass of Ribena (100 Plus was too gassy for him at that moment). Then he took 2 paracetamol & rested till the next morning. While for me, I had diarrhea. But the attack was after my dinner. Can you imagine that I bombed the toilet for 4 times? Anyway, I take it as a detox. :p

So lets investigate who is the culprit that caused us to suffer so much, especially my Hubby B!

On 19-03-08, Wednesday, we had our dinner at Simply Fish, Melaka Raya. It has been a long long times that we didn't eat their Oysters. We ordered half a dozen to try first.
The waitress told us that the Oysters are freshly flew from New Zealand. It tastes just nice & we think it can be better.
A bowl of mushroom soup. It came in time as the weather is freezing cold out there. A regular plate of Seafood Supreme to share with BB. The waitress suggested us to take a large one since we only ordered one main course. Hehe.... Ms. Waitress, we are small eater.

On 20-03-08, Thursday, after the bridal shops hopping, we decided to cool ourselves with the desserts at Jonker Walk. Chloe & Gladys, I finally get to eat it. Haha....
BB ordered a bowl of Mango Red Beans Ice Kacang. I chose Sea Coconuts Red Beans Ice Kacang. Yummy Yummy. We also ordered a bowl of Nyonya Asam Laksa. It tastes extremely sour & it does not have prawn paste to go with it. I think Penang Laksa still tastes the best.

On 21-03-08, Friday, I have been given 2 choices for breakfast. It is either Uncle John or Malim's Hong Chai Yong Tau Foo. Since we have Yong Tau Foo on Thursday, I opted for Uncle John. It was a weekday & maybe it was still early, the shop is quiet.Ice Ipoh White Coffee for Hubby B.I prefer a cup of Hot Ipoh White Coffee.Nishin Noodles with Egg & Sausage.2 soft boiled omega eggs please!
Toast Kaya Butter Breads. My favourite Thick Toast Peanut Butter with Milk. I also like their Thin Toast Peanut Butter.

I have revealed what we have been eaten for the past 3 days. So it is your turn to make a guess now!

BB is still weak but he is better now compared to last night. Wishing you have a speedy recovery!

Happy Birthday!

Mar 17, 2008

There were 4 birthday celebration in past 3 months. I have decided to consolidate these 4 lovely celebrations in a slide presentation.
  1. Mum's birthday (3-Jan) : We have a small party at home. I bought a cake for mum. We also surprised her with a bangle. She was happy but as usual, she told us that we should not waste money buying present for her.
  2. Brother's birthday (23-Jan) : This the most simplest celebration. He has told us not to buy him any cake. As a remembrance, Ee Ting & I bought him a bottle of Issey Miyake's perfume.
  3. Dad's birthday (24-Jan) : Dad's birthday fall on my registration day. However, we were busy & we have postponed his celebration to the next day. We went to Golden Mansion Restaurant for dinner & we invited Grandma along too. After the dinner, we went back home for another birthday celebration. I bought the fruit flam from Italy bakery. Kai Jun was excited with this cake when he saw his favorites strawberries on it. They bought for dad a teapot. Brother & I given Dad an 'ang pao' on his birthday already.
  4. Pa's birthday (15-Mar) : Hubby B is a shoes lover, so he will always suggest to buy a pair of running shoes for Pa. We got it from Nike. The design is simple but the color is a flaming red. Pa will definitely look 20 years younger with this pair of running shoes. I ordered a Bailey Cheese Cake from Asian Havana. As described by Jason, this pure cheese cake really melted in your mouth. After having the yummylicious chicken rice, I brought the birthday cake out. Everyone enjoyed the cakes very much. However, Ma & Suzana didn't seem to like it very much because they are not a cake lover. :p
Happy Birthday Everyone!

You Make My Day

Mar 16, 2008

Thousand apologies, Jo-N. I just picked up this orange that you have given to me on 22nd Feb. Thanks so much. By the way, I realized that both of us are celebrating the same zodiac & what's more, we are falling under the same star, Leo. Friend, you really make my day.

The Trouble With Marriage

Mar 9, 2008

I stopped by Popular bookstore the other day. Initially, I thought of getting some bedroom design magazines. Then this book cover page caught my attention. "What happens after the 'happy ever afters'?

Since I'm legally married & I wanna have a in-depth understanding in this topic, I immediately grabbed this book from the counter. Frankly speaking, relationship is an art & is a never ending learning process. I learned a lot from John Gray 3 years ago. The great news is our relationship is the super duper one. Haha... I don't deny that we have disagreement sometimes but we both handle it well.

Guess with this book, I can learn even more from Debby Holt. Bye now.... I'm going to enjoy my marriage! Do you?

Boss of The Day

From the resolved of our Parliament on 13 Feb till the nomination day on 24-Feb, I guess all Malaysians have been through an exciting 13 days campaign.

So, did you vote wisely for our 12th Election which was held yesterday? Are you happy with the result? ;p

I Got a BFF Gold Card from Twink Bank

Mar 5, 2008

Wow.... with this gold card & the credit limit given , I can go for a crazy shopping day already. Wahaha...

Aiya....Day dreaming again! Sorry for pulling your legs, my friends. This Blogging Friends Forever card is awarded by Dora. Thanks Dora. This card is as precious as the friendship that I have gotten from the blogsphere. I will cherish this friendship forever and ever.....

I would love to give it to my friends as well. Uncle Sam, Emila, Mich, Jason & Cutie.

Dream Gadgets

Mar 2, 2008

Uncle Sam wanna know what are my dream gadgets.

Guess I should honour it to Sony Ericsson X1. I always like SE phone, mainly of the design & also the quality. This is the first window mobile phone from SE. It shall be launched in this Q3. I think this phone will easily price at RM 3k and above. So, I will wait till the price drop! Hehe...
How about my second dream gadget? Hmmm.... I really can't think of any now. Maybe I should stop thinking also. Do not wish to waste too much money on all these gadgets. :)

Alphabet Meme

Uncle Sam is right. We like simple tag. Since this is a simple one, I can easily complete it in 10 minutes. Hehe...

So my friends, how long does it take for you to complete this simple meme?

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Forever Friends Award

Thanks Uncle Sam for this lovely award. It is a beautiful crystal ball. ~~Begin Copy~~

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I would like to share this lovely award with Ben, Kee Yit, Chin Nee, Cheng Leng, Stephanie, Shirley, Jo-N, Janice & Jean