Our Newborn Nephew

Oct 31, 2008

Everyone was so anxious to see the arrival of the little one. My SIL has delivered his second son on the 30-10-08 under the c-section procedure.

See this "big boy"! Guess he has a mild anxiety after knowing that he is becoming a elder brother soon.

Tired & brave woman - my SIL.

Only managed to see my little nephew from the outside. Oopps........ I was warned by the nurse that I wasn't allowed to take photo.

Baby is smaller compared to his brother. His brother weight was at 3.6kg 3 years ago.

He was sleeping so peacefully. Boy, don't you wanna meet your auntie here? Kuchi Kuchi...........

Don't la disturb me, Ku Ku. I still had not enough sleep le!

His has a nice pair of ears. Hehe....