Interactive Activity

Aug 23, 2007

After reading your post on, I’m actually wondering if I would spend my times on making this peg hanger. Perhaps I will do it few years later when I have my children. I think this is an interactive activity. It not only improves the relationship within each member but it also helps to explore the creativity of our children.

All About Me!

This is the 1st tag that I got from my friend. Chin Nee, thanks for guiding me through!

Where is your cell phone? Right besides me

Relationship? Single but not available

Your hair? Shoulder length & layered

Work? Sales executive

Your sister? To be found in my next cycle of life

Your favorite thing? Shopping

Your dream last night? Lizards (must be due to my post on last Sunday)

Your favorite drink? Juices without sugar please

Your dream car? BMW M1

The room you’re in? Bedroom

Your shoes? In the shoes cabinet

Your fears? Losing my love one

What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy family

Who did you hang out with this weekend? HIV experts

What are you not good at? Pay-Per-Post

Muffin? Kenny Roger's banana muffin

One of your wish list items? Digital Camera / PDA with wifi

Where you grew up? Melaka

Last thing you did? Turn off my laptop

What are you wearing? T-shirt, shorts & spectacles

What aren’t you wearing? For me to know & for you to find out

Your pet? Kylie, Dino & Flame

Your computer? Dell & IBM

Your life? Can be better

Your mood? Happy because has done something good.

Missing? My Hubby B

What are you thinking about right now? Zzz.........

Your car? Toyota Vios

Your kitchen? Tidy & clean

Your summer? Can I find winter in Malaysia?

Your favorite color? Red

Last time you laughed? During yoga class with a group of aunties.

Last time you cried? Last 2 months when I have mood swing due to my birth control pill's side effect

School? SM IJC

Love? All the people around me

I shall share this tag with my fellow friends:

Huey Jin


Poh Kien


Aug 22, 2007

We celebrated our country 50 years of Independence during our yoga class this evening. Huh? What did we do?

We did 50 sets of sun salutation. Wow... it was really taxing for us after a tiring day at work! I don't think that I will be able to complete it. Haha... guess what? With my determination, I did it! Though in between the poses, I did want to give up due to the shortness of breath & tiring mind & body, but I kept on reminding myself that I should stay focus & I can do it.

My abdomen is so painful now & I think I have gastritis too. Didn't I have enough for dinner? What had I eaten wrongly? All wrong. I'm positively confirmed that the pain was due to the 50 sets sun salutation! Thanks to Malaysia-man!

A New & Easy Way To Earn Extra Pocket Money

Aug 21, 2007

I get to know payperpost through most of the blogs that I visited. With my curiosity, I explored to their homepage. I was enlightened after reading the benefits of PPP. So I have signed up to be their member last week. I am a sales executive living in Malaysia & recently I am into blogging. This opportunity has not only allowed me to earn extra incomes but I can also enhance my knowledge while writing. Besides, I can even improve my vocabulary and grammars at the same time. Don’t you think it sounds great? My friend also shared her great experiences with me. She even encouraged me to take part with PPP.

Since I am a beginner, I will go for the simplest opportunity first. So when I am established and skilled, then the advertiser will start to notice me by offering me a better pay. Wow… I will be earning more dollars! I am dreaming that I can even quit my job and become a full time blogger for advertiser. What a wonderful start but the problem is most of the opportunities are only open during my sleeping hour. I guess I have to give up my beauty sleep so that I could grab a better opportunity. Wish me luck, ok?

Everyone Can Decorate Nail at Home

Aug 19, 2007

I got this set of Konad's Stamping Nail Art from Dataran Pahlawan. It comes with 3 small bottles of special polishes, 2 image plates (M2, M3), 1 scraper & 1 stamp.
So I tried it for the very first time. It is kind of difficult to get the stamp to pick up the designs from the plate. Then I recalled the sales girl advice that we need to season the new rubber stamp first before we start using it. So I kept on rubbing the stamp onto my jeans. Hey surprise! It finally picked up the design!
Look at my toe nails. How do you find it? Not bad right? Well I would say that it does require some techniques as with many nail art things... "Practice makes perfect!"

Special Gift from The Heaven

"Hey, how come my laptop's screen so dirty one? Oh shit! It was a real shit......... from our beloved Mr. Cicak (Lizard)!"

It happened this afternoon in BB's room when I was editing my blog template at that time. It was still fresh from the oven but it irritated me! So I took down this interesting pic & then cleaned it immediately.

I don’t like lizard. It looks ugly, cruel & irresponsible to me. I was frightened by a big, fat & ugly lizard before. Then, they shit anywhere they like. Aiks……

I remembered that when I was young, my mum used to tell me that once the lizard’s tail is broken, it can jump into our ears. Though it doesn’t sound logical to me now, but I still have the habit to cover my ears whenever I see a broken tail lizard. Haha… very naïve, right?

I Lost Her!

Aug 18, 2007

While on our way to breakfast this morning, I played with my earrings as usual. "Oh no! I dropped the crystal!"

I tried to search around BB's car but I couldn't find it. was my last year birthday present given by BB from Diamond & Platinum.

I have forgotten about the lost until I recall it while watching the badminton tournament. I quickly walked through the garden hoping that I can find it back. I searched the room as well but I failed to find her.

BB has also helped in the search but too bad....... He comforted me but I'm still not happy with this lost. Stephanie ah Stephanie, how could you be so clumsy le?

My New Face Candy

Aug 16, 2007

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been eyeing on CD's limited edition since last year. However, I keep telling myself not to waste money on this stuff. Haha..... finally it exploded this afternoon during my window shopping at Parkson. The more I see it, the more I like it. should be a lot.

The Diorissime palette (4 shadows & 2 glosses) is beautiful. I love it so much, especially the casing. Maybe when I finished using it, I will use the casing as a name card holder (very environmental friendly huh)!

So, how much did I pay for it? Ta daa......... RM 168. I think the price is quite reasonable, right?

*Sigh* Sure BB is going to tease me again because I always purchase something just by the look of their attractive casing or box. Hehehe..... What to do? I have to admit that I'm a box lover!

Unbelievable! Someone is Given Out $2,500!

Over at Ashwin's blog , you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!


Aug 14, 2007

Quite a number of people I know has Vertigo. They are my ex-boss, Ms J, Uncle Tian, Hubby B & Hubby B's mum. The most recent victim will be Gladys. So I think I should share some of this symptom, in which I have obtained it from the web, with you all.

According to victim Gladys & BB, it is the feeling that your environment is moving when no movement occurs. It is more severe than dizziness as it can make moving around difficult, as the sensation of spinning affects your balance.

Vertigo occurs when sensation from the inner ear, eyes and sensation throughout the body (somatosensory) are mismatched. Humans need all three to get their balance through co-ordination of the brain. Any abnormality in one or more of these will trigger vertigo. It can attack you suddenly & last for just a few minutes, or it may occur on and off for a number of days. Symptoms of vertigo vary in severity and may include the following:
  1. a feeling your surroundings are moving or spinning,
  2. nausea,
  3. vomitting,
  4. difficulty in standing or walking,
  5. the sensation of light-headedness,
  6. the sensation of not being able to keep up with what you are looking at, and
  7. the sensation that the floor is moving.

Doctor would require details such as the sensation you felt, whether nausea was present and other sensation defects such as weakness of limbs or poor vision. These details will help the doctor get the correct diagnosis. There are few medications that help in relieving vertigo; eg. anti-vertiginous medication.

Vertigo is common in all populations but its management is tricky at times. So it is essential that patients with vertigo seek early treatment to rule out other more dangerous causes.

My Scrapbook

Aug 13, 2007

This is my first scrapbook that I created from ScrapbookFlair!

This inspiration came from Chin Nee's webpage. I'm still exploring & hopefully I will come up a better one in the near future.

They Are Old

Aug 12, 2007

While having breakfast at Uncle John, Giant this morning, I saw Winnie's parents. Her dad looks thin & old already if I were to compare him during our secondary time. It touches my heart suddenly.

Well, please take a look of our parents. They are getting older either. My dad & mum used to be so healthy & full of energy when we were young. As times go by, you will hear their complaints as below:

"Aiyo... last time no matter how late I stayed, especially during Chinese New Year's eve, I still felt so energetic the next day. But now, even like 11pm, I feel so restless already!" (Hehe... it's my mum usual complaint!)

I noticed their transformation. I love my parents, especially my mum. She is a very traditional lady. She has sacrified a lot for our family. She is 56 years old now but she has not been to any great places for holidays. We always wanted to bring her for holidays but she always turn us down. Her principle is she will never wanna spend her children hard earn money for "luxury" holidays! (Hmmm........ Mi ah Mi, can't you stop thinking of that? Our paths of growing weren't easy for you either. It is time for you to relax now!)

Sometimes we do hurt her but she will never argue. She will keep herself quiet there but I know that she is sad. She also shared with me that no matter how angry she is, her love to us will never change. Even Brother Godzila has married with a son, she still treats him like a child that has never grown. I used to complain that she over pampered Brother Godzila. She always reply that her love to us is equally same. Just that little brother & I know to take care of ourselves, especially when come to food. Imagine that at the age of 34, my mum still has to cut the fruits for him. Whereby we will just grab it from the fridge. Haha....... "tam chiak"!

My dad? Hmmm....... when I was a child, I like my dad. He will never turn me down when I asked for my birthday present, my rewards when I had scored good result, casettes, etc. This habit stopped on my 2nd year in university. I remembered my last gift from him were my Guess watch & a Nokia handphone.

Our relationship started to fade off when I graduated & started my work in Melaka. He drinks so much & he was drunk most of the times. My mum was the most tortured one. Every of his words hurt her so much. I felt the pain whenever I heard it as my room was just next to them. He was no longer the father I used to admire (My Pa achieved many sales achievement awards from Welcome & Unilever before. He has a great selling skills according to Uncle Frank. He even had the chance to promote as a sales manager in Unilever but he gave up this golden opportunity as they required him to be based in KL).

Though we always tell our mum that we have given up on him but deep in our heart, we still care for him. He has MI attack 4 years ago. All of us were so worried & of course we were afraid of losing him. Brother Godzila drove all the way down from JB that night & I stayed in the hospital to look after him. According to Dr. Lim, 2 of his main arteries were blocked. He did not do angioplasty for him because his health condition was a bit complicated. He has cholesterol, diabetic & hypertension. Doctor Lim wanted him to change his lifestyle. For the 1st 3 months, he was so obedient. He stopped drinking & he even took all the healthy food. However, this lifestyle didn't last long.

He started to drink once again. We were disappointed with him. We are worrying of his health but he doesn't seem to care for himself (A little secret to share here. My dad is a very good patient. He will take his medication on-time & pay the visit to the doctor as per the appointment fixed). Mum is still hoping that he will kick off his bad habit. Frankly speaking, I don't hope that he will kick off entirely but at least reduce the intake & also cut off the day of drinking from his calender. Just wish that he will realise it one day. We care for you, Pa.

My Birthday Cake - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Hey this is the belated birthday cake given by BB. Is it nice? Come on...... I slice a piece for you. Yummy right?

I'm So Lucky!

Aug 10, 2007

This simple words caught my attention when I turned to the very first page of the book.

Please give some thoughts that you are actually the lucky one!

We can't force happiness to happen to us! As long as we do not force & we are satisfy, then we will naturally feel the happiness is surrounding us all the times.

幸福是不能强求的,快乐也是不能勉强的,只要我们愈不强求,愈是满足, 就愈能体验幸福与分享快乐,因为有舍才有得。

English Premier League 2007/08

Aug 9, 2007

Yeah....... Finally the long waiting EPL 2007/08 will be officially kick off on this Saturday! To celebrate for this ocassion, I have specially designed a pc of jersey for Hubby & I respectively. Haha......

Customized Soccer Jersey -

Customized Soccer Jersey -

If you are interested to place the order, please do not hesitate to contact us, ya.



I got this tag from Chin Nee. Haha..... 43%! Still need room to improve! I am quite conscious with my outlook. Else, I will not waste my money on facial, cellulite treatment, clothing, etc. A little allegics on my face will bother be the whole day. Wonder would I maintain it once I have join the mummy's group? I definitely hope I would not. Times will prove & will let you all know till the day comes.

You Are 43% Vain

You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you!

Same Question Again!

Aug 6, 2007

Cheong : How's your wedding planning?
Me : Nothing. Please do not ask me. I don't know!
Gladys : I told you that let the "accident" happened. Then he has no reason to say "No!"
Me : Please la. I don't do all this.
Chloe : Ya lor. Better not. No point forcing. It does not bring any happiness to both parties.
Me: Hmmm.... I agreed with Chloe.

Yo...... Why can't they stop haunting me with this question? I am fade up with it. I understand that they are being concerned, but in my heart, I do feel irritated!

I have made myself very clear to them that their concerns do pressurized me in some ways & I was an unhappy person at one time, especially during the period that I discovered I have endometriosis. Till recently, I decided to empty my mind from this question.

Do they think that it is the end of the story once a couple is married? Do they think that they are a much happier person once they are married? When they were argued, why do they think of divorce? Isn't it supposed to be as the marrige's vow that the husband & wife should take good care of each other?

Anyway, BB & I are happy with our current situation now. When we feel like going for holidays, we'll just pack & go! We make fun of each other very often, especially during our past 1-week holidays. So I promise that I will announce my big day once it is confirmed. If possible, I seek your understanding to stop asking this question from now on. Thanks buddies!

Chicky Boy

Aug 5, 2007

He took out this towel from the bag! I thought that he is cold & keep on teasing him! Guess what was his reply? He said to me that I will understand his purpose later! Hmmm.... Don't listen to him la!

We took a speed boat back to the land. Everyone was wet! Luckily, the towel saved Po Po in some extend. Haha... Now I understand why he brought the towel with him! Smart you!

Ah Pek with His Pet

This is Din (Not sure of the spelling). When I saw her during our arrival in CVR, I was quite afraid with her. However, after our 3D2N stay there, I started realised that she is a friendly dog.

Ah Pek who is the owner of this village told us that she is his great companion after his wife. She loves swimming. The saddest thing is she hurt her feet upon jumping down from the jetty. Anyway, everyone loves her. Even the HK tourist who visit here every year, will send him the dog food every months without failed.

Coconut Village Resort

Had a lovely stay here though the room is simple. Food was good. Experienced fishing but didn't got any. The rest of squids. The fisherman said it costs RM 18/kg. The most weakest person in this trip is Mr. Chan Tak Feng. Haha.

Coconut Village Resort

Aug 3, 2007

This is our room. Can accommodate for 5 persons. Too bad that auntie didn't join us for this trip.

We Found A Pig in Sibu Island

Yo... So many audiences are looking at him. Handsome? Charming? Hmmm... I don't think so. Must be seeing why is he so piggy-ing. Haha.

Is She Enjoying or Suffering?

Aug 2, 2007

Hmmm...... I'm jealous! BB is pampering Flame. She is enjoying the most sensous touch from BB huh.

Oh no! I doubt so. Please open your eyes as big as you can! See it! The tissues was filled with ticks. Guess it is time to groom her hair.

Poor Service

Aug 1, 2007

Guess Air Asia needs to improve on their baggage collection services. Big crowds are waiting to collect their luggages.

We're Coming Home

Our shot in the hotel lobby while waiting for the taxi to airport.

See You Again, Citadines!

We had a pleasant stay in this apartment hotel during our 5D4N in Bangkok.