Aug 9, 2007


I got this tag from Chin Nee. Haha..... 43%! Still need room to improve! I am quite conscious with my outlook. Else, I will not waste my money on facial, cellulite treatment, clothing, etc. A little allegics on my face will bother be the whole day. Wonder would I maintain it once I have join the mummy's group? I definitely hope I would not. Times will prove & will let you all know till the day comes.

You Are 43% Vain

You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you!


Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....dear, u got good skin, so no need to worry much lor...hey, d other day u asked me bout ppp, wanna try out doing paid post? write to my email ya...

HJ® said...

hey, hey.. you aren't exactly that vain uh? he he