Malaysia Book of Records - Can We Make it?

Sep 30, 2007

Sook Ling's called to inform that Chun Yen has invited us to attend our secondary school, SMK IJC (Infant Jesus Convent), 148th Anniversary & Grand IJC Reunion Dinner on the Oct 20 at Malacca International Trade Centre, Ayer Keroh. According to her, this reunion hopes to raise funds for our school rebuilding project & also to enter the Malaysian Book of Records for the largest number of past pupils of a school gathered at the same venue.

However, I do not think that I could make it as I have to attend for our friend, Alfred & LeeAnne's wedding dinner. Perhaps we can have a small gathering later with few of our class '93 friends.

For those that interested, please click on the above link for further information.

I'm a Cake Mania

I'm addicted to Cake Mania recently. I bought it for RM 8 from Maxis. It isn't a complete game because it only has the Home Bakery & Beach version. The full version should included the Circus & Casino.

As I'm new to this game, I was a bit slow when I played it at the first time. After my frequent practising & also my familiarization with the operation, then I started to score better & better on my each game.

Hey... It is not an easy game to play. You need to bake the cakes as required by the customers at a specific time given. With the amount of money that you earn, you'll need to plan of which equipments to buy so that it will maximize your sales. If you bake the cake wrongly, it is either you keep it for the next customer who need it or you just have to throw it into the dustbin.

I'm expert of playing the game now. Haha... I shared it with BB yesterday. You can notice that he was like me during his first few games. But I do see his improvement if were to compared with his past few games. Great job, BB.

Try it & you will definitely addicted to it. However, I need to let you know that the one that played in the mobile phone is much more fun compared to the PC application. Believe it or not?

Life is the same too. We are not always on the smooth path. Sometimes there are up & down too. It is all depending on how we manage it. I believe with the determination & faith, we will succeed one fine day.


Sep 29, 2007

I get migraine attack quite often; almost 2-3 times a month. The confirmed attack normally happened prior to or during my menstruation. Besides this culprit, then it would be during the day I'm stress with my sales, family or relationship problems. A hot & stuffy weather will also cause my migraine too.

Frankly speaking, I don't like it. The pain is on one side of my head. It is really torturing. Most of the time I will need to pop in my Cafergot. This morning, I had a mild migraine (it is the weather). However, I refused to take my medication. Oh gosh! The pain stuck with me till the evening. I couldn't tolerate it anymore. I took my medicine after I had my shower. It was really a relieved that 'he' has left me finally!

I did ask my doctor with regards to this sickness. He has told me that there is no cure at the moment. Hence, I have no choice but to bring my medicine along with me as where & when I need it.

There are several webistes that recommended herbal remedies for migraine pain; eg.,, & etc. I will keep you posted once I have read it through & try the remedies on myself, ok.

Blog with Smorty

Sep 27, 2007

Blogging is the trend now. Everyone blogs here and there. The most wonderful thing is we get paid to blog. There are many paid post company nowadays and the competition is getting tougher for them as well. But we as a blogger would think that this healthy competition benefits us in a way.

When I read some of friends’ blog, the word ‘Smorty’ caught my attention. Why? It sounds like my favourite beverage, Smoothies. So I decided to sneak into the world of Smorty to find out what they have to offer me.

Then I found out the treasures in there. Smorty is different from other paid post company in term of the review opportunities. It connects you to the appropriate campaign to write on. Blogger is not allowed to take the entire available job at the same time. We must finish the job in a sequence. It means that you must complete the task in hand then only you are allowed to accept another job. The good news is that bloggers will get paid on a weekly basis rather then on monthly basic.

Blog for money, blog with Smorty!

Will You Try It?

Sep 25, 2007

I was thirsty after having my homemade satay celup. So I thought of getting a glass of orange juice to drink. Suddenly I have this crazy idea to mix this Sunkist Orange Juice with balckcurrant Vitagen. Haha... wonder will it cause me diarrhea later???

Curious to see how it turned out to be after their marriage, right? Wait ya....

The presentation was good. The taste? Extremely good...........

If we never try, we will never know. If we never ask, we will never get!

Happy trying & more to come from me. :-)

Oh Lavender

Sep 24, 2007

Hubby B's dad came back from his Silk Route Adventure Tour on Saturday morning. Of course uncle shared a number of his tour experiences with us during the breakfast time. Wow... I really salute uncle's determination & as well as his interests to complete his 15 days tour there. Moreover, he has already at his late 50's (don't play-play)! I don't think Hubby B & I can do so. Haha....

Uncle told us that there were nothing much to shop there. He only manage to visit their local market & he got this potpourri for me. It's my favourite lavender. The aroma is very strong. BB even smelled it when he entered the room. Some potpourri in the market is fragrance based but this one is definitely natural. Why I said so? Hehe... my instinct lor. No la. Maybe I am in love with all this aroma stuffs so my senses can tell me the differences. It came with the cloth & a pack of dried lavender. So i just filled it in & tied it up. Simple & easy, right?

I have put it into my pillow so that it could ease my stress, tension and also for my relaxation.

Our First Music Video Clip

I created this music video clip from Animoto! The host is given the guest to try a 30 seconds music video clip for free. You may download your images with your favourite music as the background. So don't wait there. Come & give it a try!

The Lane of Memory

Suddenly I feel like doing this for my parents. My mum was pretty, wasn't she? But too bad, I do not inherit her beautiful features.

The Special One

Sep 20, 2007

While driving home last night, I heard a piece of news from Lite FM. It said thar Peter Kenyon has urged Jose to quit from Chelsea. Then this morning I received a sms from Hubby B. "Yo... What happened to your Chelsea? Jose quits!"

I immediately turned on my laptop. Ah....... My special one had left Chelsea by mutual consent following the unsatifying start to the season. I believed his leaving has also linked to his split with the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich. He was replaced by Avram Grant. But why on earth are we appointing a manager who has never managed outside of Israel. Mr RA says he wants bigger things & it's obvious Avrim Grant is not the person to do this for Chelsea.

I know some people call him arrogant, but for me, he is confident. He doesn't just talk the talk, though; he's done his share of walking, managing FC Porto to the top of the Champions League in 2004 & in a more profiled job, he has lead Chelsea to their first English Premiership title in 50 years, in 2005.

:-( Today is a sad day for me! Chelsea has done a stupid decison by firing one of the greatest managers to ever grace the premier league. All the best to you, JM!

P/s: Rumours said that you might be joining Spurs. Is it true?

My True Colours

Sep 19, 2007

Seems like everyone is having tough times to answer these questions. Well, Jo-N has done her part so it's my turn now to show you my true colours. Haha....

When are you getting married?
This question has been haunting me since last year. I also wanted to settle down. So when the time is right, I will announce to all of you, ok. It is very stress & tiring to answer this question sometimes. So please set me free at this moment.

I do not like people to mess up my place, especially my room. I like my things to be kept in proper sequence. I can even arrange my cloth accordingly to the colour of the hangers.

Don't follow me please
I hate sales person to follow me around when I do my shopping. It gives me the feeling as though as I want to steal their stuffs. Please la... will I do that? Besides, it is also uncomfortable & I will want to leave the shop a.s.a.p though there might be something that caught my eyes.

Taking advantage of people / cunning
I do not like people to take advantage on me, especially those that I helped them sincerely but at the end, they do not thank or appreciate you at all.

If you don't like to share, then please do not expect people to share it with you.

Stop calling Malacca people as "katak di bawah tempurung" (unknowledgeable)
I can't stand it. This comment is from my present boss. It was none stop since the start of our journey to Trendak & back to Malacca. I can't stand him till I told him off to stop coming down to Malacca. Else, he will also become 'katak' too. What a sarcastic & childish manager I have.

It is a secret. So when your love one or friends are willing to share their secret with you, then please keep it to yourself. I bet you also do not like your friends to spread around your secrets, right?

I don't like to be cheated, especially in a relationship. I want an open & trusted relationship. Luckily, I have found the one.

Those who have told the TRUTH are:

And those who need to take this test now are:

Vegetable Rice Noodle (Chai Kuih)

Sep 16, 2007

I spent my days at home with my family this weekend. Even though mum is busy with the little monster (he is not feeling well & is making lots of noise in the house), she still insists of making this 'vegetables rice noodle' for us. It tastes extremely delicious once it is freshly steamed out from the wok. Woo.... then with the hard works from mum, I appreciated it even more.

Since I'm at home, I have the chance to take down the pictures while my mum is doing. Hmmm.... what are the ingredients needed?
  1. Rice noodle sheet (you may get it from the noodle manufacturing shop. It is actually 'kue teow' that have not been sliced).
  2. Yam bean (sengkuang)
  3. Carrots
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Prawns
  6. French beans
  7. Shallots
  8. Chopped garlic
  9. Seasoning - salt & sugar to taste
Once the item 2-9 has cooked, then you may start with the wrapping. At first, place the filling on the piece of rice noodle sheet. Then make 3-4 folds of triangle shape neatly. After finishing with the process, arrange it nicely & steam for about 5 mins.

Simple & healthy recipe right? Give it a try & tell me if you do like it.

What A Lovely Toe Nails

Any comments for my lovely toe nails? Nice right? Keen to know where did I do it?

She came to Ee Ting's house this morning. After Ee Ting has done with her french pedicure, then it is my turn to enjoy the moment. Hehe....

I chosen this design from the magazine. Though it is not totally similar to the mag, but it was a satisfying one. During the conversation, I found out that she do accept student for her nails art course. It is a 3-month course (1-1) & it costs RM 700 inclusive of the basic equipments. I am quite tempted to sign up as I like nails art very much. However, I still need to consider & discuss with Hubby B first.

Ok Ok. I'll tell you who is the mysterious 'she'. She is Stella & you may contact her at +6016-6073250. But the sad thing is it is only available in Melaka.

Holidays Plan with Dialaflight

Sep 14, 2007

Personally, I love going for holidays. Works are busy sometimes till I think that I need a short breaks or weekend breaks to recharge my battery. A city breaks would be rather hectic for me as I prefer to have a light and easy one. A spa package with be a great choice.

Early this year, we thought of flying to Europe for holidays. However, the cheap flights offered by the local airline have postponed their schedule to next year. Hence, we have no choice but to cancel this thought as well.

However, if there is a chance & nothing goes wrong, we would love to visit Europe or Australia for our honeymoons. Dialaflight, one of the UK’s top travel companies offering variability of services from cheap flights, hotels, car hire, holiday offers package & travel insurance at the affordable rate. So what we need to do is just pick up a call to Dialaflight and get the information from their friendly travel consultant. With this pre-planning, it will definitely ease our mind upon reaching the destination as we do not have to search around from the local tour agency anymore. Here we come, Dialaflight!

1-Month Anniversary

Sep 13, 2007

21st September 2007 marks the 1-month anniversary of my relationship with this traffic generation program, PayPerPost. We have gone through the happiness & the sadness together. When I earned from the post that I submitted, we celebrated! But when I failed to grab the opportunities, we cried together.

I must admit that I am not a full time blogger. So I will not be able to stay up throughout the night, to grab for the opportunities that are available for me. Hence, I have missed out many chances to earn for my ‘Vitamin M’. Even though I have only earned a total of USD 32.50 up-to-date, but I do enjoy the entire process.

What will I do upon receiving Ringgit Malaysia 114 (by using the conversion rate of 3.5)? Treating my family to a restaurant? Pampering myself for a spa? Save it up?

Well, no matter how I am going to spend the money, I will still stay to PPP as I get to learn, to know & also to have fun with him.

Tsunami Warnings!

I came accross this news from Astro's 11pm news. The magnitude of the quake was at 8.4 & it happened in the east of Indonesia's Sumatra island. Tsunami warnings were issued by Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry .

I didn't really bother with it until I received a pc of sms from Chloe. It said that tsunami will hit on Melaka 2 hours later after the quake. Then I correlated it with my dream 2 nights ago.

I dreamt that a group of us is going for a mountain expedition. I were excited at first. But the excitement has turned to miserable. I was told that there is a part where we will require to swim to reach the destination. Ah.... how could it be possible? I can't swim. If I don't go, then I will be alone. If I go, I will die. I was filled with fear & I was crying there..... till I woke up from this nightmare.

Haha... so is this a sign that I will be hit by this tsunami as well? While thinking, I fell asleep again! No wonder BB calls me as piggy. :)

Anti Corruption?

Sep 12, 2007

I was driving to Seremban this morning. Somewhere between Pedas & Senawang, there is a road block. I did not speed so I was not worry at all. Suddenly the traffic police stopped me. He told me that my car's plate is incomplete. So I went down to check it. My 'B' is missing. Anyway, I am sure that the plate was still complete before I left to Seremban.

I explained to the police that it must be dropped during my journey. However, he given me a stupid & ridiculous reply. He said that no matter where has it dropped to, I was still breaking the rule. He was being nasty & I knew that he wanted for some "duit kopi" (money)!

I pleased him to spare me off this time as it happened unintentionally. Guess what? Malaysia police will never change even though with their "Anti-Corruption" badge. He asked for RM 50 to settle off this issue as according to him, the compound will cost me RM 300.

I was quite pissed-off with their attitude. However, with his threat, I given him RM 30. Later I found out from most of my friends that this summon will only cost me RM 100. If I knew early, I will just asked him to issue the summon. I'm guilty now but I promise myself that I will not surrender to this Malaysia's 'rubbish' anymore.

Do You See The Wild Orchid?

Sep 10, 2007

Beautiful orchid right? Open your eyes as big as you could. See the white orchid in the first picture?

We always pass by this orchid plant that grows on the palm tree but we never bother to take a minute to look at it. Until last Saturday, when we were going out, then we discovered it! So without much delay, I snapped it up with my cybershot phone as a memory!

The same principle applies to us as well. We always fail to show our love & care to the people around us. I think a simple hello & a warm smile is enough to brighten a person's day! So start your day with a sunny smile!

My First Handheld

Sep 9, 2007

I got my handheld finally after a long process of survey & negotiation with few sellers from

Among the sellers, I chosen Teohjo because of his honesty & also his sincerity. In addition, his handheld is pretty new. He only used it for 2 weeks & kept it in the box after that. So it is a 1-month old gadget.

He did complain on the battery issue & I was worried initially. So I checked it with BB & also my Pda addict's friend, Mr. Lui. They have assured me that this wasn't a big issue. Hence, before the confirmation, I have BB's help to meet up with him to view the phone condition first.

This handheld is finally reached home safely with BB. Haha... Wow... It is really new & it comes with WM6. Hmmm... I need to touch up my handheld before using it. So BB will bring him to boutique to purchase screen protector, leather casing & also a car charger next week.

Till I see him again in two weeks time...

My Ugly Heels

Most of the women will encounter this problem. I have it sometimes. This is usually caused by dry skin. It do not looks good at all. Cracked heels are unattractive and annoying. When the cracks are deep, they will hurt. It can bleed and get infected too.

I tried applying generous amount of foot lotion and put on socks before going to bed, but still.... the dryness comes back if I skipped that for a week.

Then, I came accross this Dermalife Hydrating Heel Patch from Guardian. It sounds good & convenience to me. So, I bought it for a try! However, it is kind of pricey for a 8-course treatment (RM 24).

I tried it for 2 days with socks & without socks. Poor thing. I still gotta put on socks when using it. Else, the edge of the patch will rub against the bedsheet & the whole thing is gone! Haha... or maybe I am too rough.

Anyway, I think that cracked heels are a long term treatment. Once I get my current heels treated, then I guess I gotta be a bit hardworking to maintain it.

Things come in FIVE

Sep 6, 2007

This is the 2nd tag I got it from my dear friend, Chin Nee.

I haven't gone through the instruction, but I am wondering now what are the things that come in 5?

Before proceed further, I will need to following the rules below.

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

Giddy Tiger
Li Li

Choose 5 people to tag (I will not tag in this case because not many of my friends are into this activity).
What were you doing 10 years ago?
It was my second year in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. I had lots of fun during this year because I were staying with a group of fun people.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Enjoying life and hope that I counld still continue this spirit till the end of my life. The most memorable one would be my trip to NZ & Bangkok.

Five snacks you enjoy
Chocalates, Cheezels, prawn crackers, pickled mango & prawn fritters.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
Yo.... I don't think I remember any song's lyrics. I have poor sense of music & rhythm as well.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Donate some money to charity, bring all my family members for good food, go for a sweet escape with my love one, keep some in the bank & invest some into stock market.

Five bad habits
Love to linger on the bed, like to cut off people's conversation, eating junk food, "snake" to beauty salon during working hours & never check on the price when buying things, especially fruits at Pasar Malam (I'm trying to learn to ask the price before buying)

Five favourite toys
Bear, stamping nail art, notebook, ipod & the upcoming PDA.

Five things you like doing
Massage, surfing the web, blogging, cooking desserts & praticing yoga (though always complain body aching).

Five things you would never wear again
Carrot cut jeans, high-waist pants, heavy make-up, color lenses & gold jewelry.

Convenience Store

Sep 5, 2007

Did you ever crack your head of what present to buy for your love one? Sometimes you even have no times to purchase their present due to your busy schedule, right? Among our friends, we seem to reach a mutual understanding. We will gather the money and pass it to the birthday girl so that she could buy the present that she likes. It is kind of risky as it involved cash. What if it is lost or stolen before giving it to our friend? With so many hassles, don’t you think that it would be great to have an online coupons?

There are many upcoming occasions before the end of Year 2007. Assuming that there are coupons available, I will want to give it to the following people.

1. Ee Ting, so that she can get the best deal from Diamond International with coupon code 34BRA (I will claim it from my brother. Haha).

2. As Hubby B is a wine lover, then I will present him a coupon from My Wine Direct with 25% off from their Summer Clearance Case Pack.

It was just a click away and it solved our problem. Easy & convenience!


Sep 4, 2007

There are all kinds of people in every corner of the world. I met a GP doctor this afternoon. Ooo..... She is greedy! She was not keen in learning but kept pestering me with my 'B' bag. She even offered a plastic bag to me so that I could take out all my materials & leave the bag with her. Terrible isn't it? I promised that I will give it to her on my next visit already. Why can't she wait? Weird...

Then I have been noticed that this group of youngsters is cheating the elderly & housewives in the town. Gladys & I were hanging out in my friend's phone shop one afternoon. We saw them. They were aiming for their targets. Their tactic is using a scratch & win card, which contain of 4 mysterious gifts. When the victim scratched the first box & assuming that it was a dvd player, then they will show their excitement & persuasion to the victim, so that they would continue to go for the 2nd scratch. But there is a price behind that. Instead of scratching for the 2nd prize, the poor victim has to pay for the 1st prize (dvd player). The victim will continue scratching due to the prize value is getting greater. At the end, they fell into their trap. They were cheated with huge amount of money with non-valuable electronic goods.

Because of justice & being KPC, I did report their activities to the police before. My friend did too. But it doesn’t seem to work. They were caught & released again. Hmmm.... if you flip through the paper everyday, you will definitely get to read through all this news. But too bad, they still cheated by those heartless people.

Again, Greed!!!


Sep 2, 2007

Recently I have been thinking of getting a PDA with some simple features, mainly with Wifi will do. Reason being is I had enough with my GPRS bill for my mobile blogging during my 5D4N trip in Bangkok. I was charged RM 300+. Wow se! Expensive right?

Chloe came to know that & she offered me her 3-month old Dopod 810 at the price of RM 2.1k. Well, it is definitely out of my budget & moreover, I do not think such a high specification PDA phone. Her husband, Lui is quite persistent. He keeps selling me the features & benefits of this phone. He even offers free software update as well as free teaching. Haha... I did discuss with BB of which PDA to get. He would prefer me to get O2 Xda Zinc, which he came across this man from Mobile88 who wanted to sell his 1 month plus old Zinc at RM 2k. I did check on HP handhelds as well but the price is not cheap either.

Hmmm....... I am a bit confused now. It is almost the same price & Chloe's one is with more features but at the other hand, I prefer the name of O2 than Dopod because Dopod sounds a bit "cina" to me. Hahaa...

I have yet to make up my mind yet. I got a feel with BB's O2 Xda Exec yesterday. Quite good & very user friendly too. So any suggestions from you?