I'm a Cake Mania

Sep 30, 2007

I'm addicted to Cake Mania recently. I bought it for RM 8 from Maxis. It isn't a complete game because it only has the Home Bakery & Beach version. The full version should included the Circus & Casino.

As I'm new to this game, I was a bit slow when I played it at the first time. After my frequent practising & also my familiarization with the operation, then I started to score better & better on my each game.

Hey... It is not an easy game to play. You need to bake the cakes as required by the customers at a specific time given. With the amount of money that you earn, you'll need to plan of which equipments to buy so that it will maximize your sales. If you bake the cake wrongly, it is either you keep it for the next customer who need it or you just have to throw it into the dustbin.

I'm expert of playing the game now. Haha... I shared it with BB yesterday. You can notice that he was like me during his first few games. But I do see his improvement if were to compared with his past few games. Great job, BB.

Try it & you will definitely addicted to it. However, I need to let you know that the one that played in the mobile phone is much more fun compared to the PC application. Believe it or not?

Life is the same too. We are not always on the smooth path. Sometimes there are up & down too. It is all depending on how we manage it. I believe with the determination & faith, we will succeed one fine day.


JK said...

It is indeed an interesting game. I remembered when I first started that, I had to continue until the last level before leaving it aside.

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

So you had successfully operated your bakery at both home & beach? I did not do well at the beach due to the kitchen layout. Very distracting.

Chinneeq said...

i tot it is real cake??? still blur blur me la...