Anti Corruption?

Sep 12, 2007

I was driving to Seremban this morning. Somewhere between Pedas & Senawang, there is a road block. I did not speed so I was not worry at all. Suddenly the traffic police stopped me. He told me that my car's plate is incomplete. So I went down to check it. My 'B' is missing. Anyway, I am sure that the plate was still complete before I left to Seremban.

I explained to the police that it must be dropped during my journey. However, he given me a stupid & ridiculous reply. He said that no matter where has it dropped to, I was still breaking the rule. He was being nasty & I knew that he wanted for some "duit kopi" (money)!

I pleased him to spare me off this time as it happened unintentionally. Guess what? Malaysia police will never change even though with their "Anti-Corruption" badge. He asked for RM 50 to settle off this issue as according to him, the compound will cost me RM 300.

I was quite pissed-off with their attitude. However, with his threat, I given him RM 30. Later I found out from most of my friends that this summon will only cost me RM 100. If I knew early, I will just asked him to issue the summon. I'm guilty now but I promise myself that I will not surrender to this Malaysia's 'rubbish' anymore.


HJ® said...

Yes Li, you shouldn't have given him the money

Should just let him issue the summon, and pay only when PDRM have the "Summons Mega-Sales/Discounts"

Moreover Li.. Raya is coming laaa, so they are desperately looking for extra money lor

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Ya lor. Very impulsive at that time & am regret now.