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Sep 5, 2007

Did you ever crack your head of what present to buy for your love one? Sometimes you even have no times to purchase their present due to your busy schedule, right? Among our friends, we seem to reach a mutual understanding. We will gather the money and pass it to the birthday girl so that she could buy the present that she likes. It is kind of risky as it involved cash. What if it is lost or stolen before giving it to our friend? With so many hassles, don’t you think that it would be great to have an online coupons?

There are many upcoming occasions before the end of Year 2007. Assuming that there are coupons available, I will want to give it to the following people.

1. Ee Ting, so that she can get the best deal from Diamond International with coupon code 34BRA (I will claim it from my brother. Haha).

2. As Hubby B is a wine lover, then I will present him a coupon from My Wine Direct with 25% off from their Summer Clearance Case Pack.

It was just a click away and it solved our problem. Easy & convenience!


Chinneeq said...

Li Li, here is a tag for you :)

dealmecoupon said...

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