The Special One

Sep 20, 2007

While driving home last night, I heard a piece of news from Lite FM. It said thar Peter Kenyon has urged Jose to quit from Chelsea. Then this morning I received a sms from Hubby B. "Yo... What happened to your Chelsea? Jose quits!"

I immediately turned on my laptop. Ah....... My special one had left Chelsea by mutual consent following the unsatifying start to the season. I believed his leaving has also linked to his split with the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich. He was replaced by Avram Grant. But why on earth are we appointing a manager who has never managed outside of Israel. Mr RA says he wants bigger things & it's obvious Avrim Grant is not the person to do this for Chelsea.

I know some people call him arrogant, but for me, he is confident. He doesn't just talk the talk, though; he's done his share of walking, managing FC Porto to the top of the Champions League in 2004 & in a more profiled job, he has lead Chelsea to their first English Premiership title in 50 years, in 2005.

:-( Today is a sad day for me! Chelsea has done a stupid decison by firing one of the greatest managers to ever grace the premier league. All the best to you, JM!

P/s: Rumours said that you might be joining Spurs. Is it true?


HJ® said...

Haiya your "Special One" is coward laaa

He knows Chelsea sure lose to ManU on this Sunday, so he ma' cepat-cepat quit first lor

Ha ha ha

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Aiyo... he was asked to leave ma. Where got coward le? Mr. RA is going to regret. No wonder he has restricted him from coming back to EPL