Tsunami Warnings!

Sep 13, 2007

I came accross this news from Astro's 11pm news. The magnitude of the quake was at 8.4 & it happened in the east of Indonesia's Sumatra island. Tsunami warnings were issued by Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry .

I didn't really bother with it until I received a pc of sms from Chloe. It said that tsunami will hit on Melaka 2 hours later after the quake. Then I correlated it with my dream 2 nights ago.

I dreamt that a group of us is going for a mountain expedition. I were excited at first. But the excitement has turned to miserable. I was told that there is a part where we will require to swim to reach the destination. Ah.... how could it be possible? I can't swim. If I don't go, then I will be alone. If I go, I will die. I was filled with fear & I was crying there..... till I woke up from this nightmare.

Haha... so is this a sign that I will be hit by this tsunami as well? While thinking, I fell asleep again! No wonder BB calls me as piggy. :)