Do You See The Wild Orchid?

Sep 10, 2007

Beautiful orchid right? Open your eyes as big as you could. See the white orchid in the first picture?

We always pass by this orchid plant that grows on the palm tree but we never bother to take a minute to look at it. Until last Saturday, when we were going out, then we discovered it! So without much delay, I snapped it up with my cybershot phone as a memory!

The same principle applies to us as well. We always fail to show our love & care to the people around us. I think a simple hello & a warm smile is enough to brighten a person's day! So start your day with a sunny smile!


JK said...


Joanne here. Can I have your email? I will tell you more about the cartridge.

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Joanne,

You may get me at

Thanks ya.