What A Lovely Toe Nails

Sep 16, 2007

Any comments for my lovely toe nails? Nice right? Keen to know where did I do it?

She came to Ee Ting's house this morning. After Ee Ting has done with her french pedicure, then it is my turn to enjoy the moment. Hehe....

I chosen this design from the magazine. Though it is not totally similar to the mag, but it was a satisfying one. During the conversation, I found out that she do accept student for her nails art course. It is a 3-month course (1-1) & it costs RM 700 inclusive of the basic equipments. I am quite tempted to sign up as I like nails art very much. However, I still need to consider & discuss with Hubby B first.

Ok Ok. I'll tell you who is the mysterious 'she'. She is Stella & you may contact her at +6016-6073250. But the sad thing is it is only available in Melaka.