1-Month Anniversary

Sep 13, 2007

21st September 2007 marks the 1-month anniversary of my relationship with this traffic generation program, PayPerPost. We have gone through the happiness & the sadness together. When I earned from the post that I submitted, we celebrated! But when I failed to grab the opportunities, we cried together.

I must admit that I am not a full time blogger. So I will not be able to stay up throughout the night, to grab for the opportunities that are available for me. Hence, I have missed out many chances to earn for my ‘Vitamin M’. Even though I have only earned a total of USD 32.50 up-to-date, but I do enjoy the entire process.

What will I do upon receiving Ringgit Malaysia 114 (by using the conversion rate of 3.5)? Treating my family to a restaurant? Pampering myself for a spa? Save it up?

Well, no matter how I am going to spend the money, I will still stay to PPP as I get to learn, to know & also to have fun with him.


Chinneeq said...

even not a lot, but hey, can buy 1 cake and one bottle red wine to celebrate liao lor...i m coming back melaka tomorrow :)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Really? I'm free tomorrow cause my hubby is not coming back this weekend. Call me ya.