My First Handheld

Sep 9, 2007

I got my handheld finally after a long process of survey & negotiation with few sellers from

Among the sellers, I chosen Teohjo because of his honesty & also his sincerity. In addition, his handheld is pretty new. He only used it for 2 weeks & kept it in the box after that. So it is a 1-month old gadget.

He did complain on the battery issue & I was worried initially. So I checked it with BB & also my Pda addict's friend, Mr. Lui. They have assured me that this wasn't a big issue. Hence, before the confirmation, I have BB's help to meet up with him to view the phone condition first.

This handheld is finally reached home safely with BB. Haha... Wow... It is really new & it comes with WM6. Hmmm... I need to touch up my handheld before using it. So BB will bring him to boutique to purchase screen protector, leather casing & also a car charger next week.

Till I see him again in two weeks time...