Sep 29, 2007

I get migraine attack quite often; almost 2-3 times a month. The confirmed attack normally happened prior to or during my menstruation. Besides this culprit, then it would be during the day I'm stress with my sales, family or relationship problems. A hot & stuffy weather will also cause my migraine too.

Frankly speaking, I don't like it. The pain is on one side of my head. It is really torturing. Most of the time I will need to pop in my Cafergot. This morning, I had a mild migraine (it is the weather). However, I refused to take my medication. Oh gosh! The pain stuck with me till the evening. I couldn't tolerate it anymore. I took my medicine after I had my shower. It was really a relieved that 'he' has left me finally!

I did ask my doctor with regards to this sickness. He has told me that there is no cure at the moment. Hence, I have no choice but to bring my medicine along with me as where & when I need it.

There are several webistes that recommended herbal remedies for migraine pain; eg. herbalremediesinfo.com, home-remedies-for-you.com, AyurvedicCure.com & etc. I will keep you posted once I have read it through & try the remedies on myself, ok.


Stephanie Kok C.F said...

I used to have terrible migraine. The cause is from stress, peanut, chocolate, orange and hot weather.
But the main thing is from hot weather, so i try to stay in cool places, my stress is from travelling by public transport, but now i got my own car..so stress free! hehehe...Eat less of peanut, choc n oranges..
Plus pray for healing!

NOW I don't have migraine anymore!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

You are lucky to escape from it. But my stress is mostly from work, especially when it comes to our quarter closing. Of course with the nature of my work, I don't think I can run off from the hot weather. :(