The Great Illusion

Oct 29, 2007

This is a nice thriller though we didn't manage to watch the first half of it. Population 436. What has the title of the movie tells you? Obviously must be the number of residents in a town right? As you watched through the trailer, you should have roughly know the story of this movie.

Yes, Rockwell Falls is a mysterious town. For me, it is a awful, weird & cruel place to stay in. The deeply religious villagers believe that they have to keep their number on 436, otherwise God will severely punish them. A new comer will be warmly welcomed as a new township member, but that of course means that someone else has to be sacrificed. Then if anyone who attempts to go against the town's principles, they will be treated with electric shock therapy.

However, the ending of this movie was too simple. I did not enjoy the ending as I think it could have ended in another way.

Can Magic Simplify Your Loans?

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Green Tea Ice Cream

Oct 25, 2007

While doing our shopping in Jusco this afternoon, Hubby B offered to make Green Tea ice-cream for me. Of course I will be glad to try out his skills. He also pampered me with the Chicken Delight's Rojak. **I'm in cloud nine today**

Though it is just an instant pack, but you can see how serious Hubby B was when preparing for this dessert. He also added a pack of green tea to enhance the aromatic of this ice-cream.

After coming back from Alfred & Leanne's wedding, I tried the icre-cream. Hmmm.......Not bad. The texture is smooth except a bit creamy. When I gave him my comment, then he told me that he has poured extra 50ml of fresh milk. No wonder! Anyway, he would want to give it a try again & I will give him my support too.

I appreciated his hard work. Thanks Hubby B!

Insurance for You?

Oct 20, 2007

Insurance is a must in our society nowadays. We renew our car insurance every year. In the event of accident, we are protected. We also bought home insurance so that we are protected from robbery and damage which are resulted from natural disasters. Besides, we engage to life insurance to protecting our dependents in case of our death. It helps to ease the burden placed on family and loved ones.

Basically, I have committed myself to life insurance and medical insurance policy. My policy comes with saving feature too. Though I have to pay quite a sum of premium every month, but I think it is worth contributing it. Personally, I like medical insurance. I remembered when I done my laparoscopic cystectomy in January this year, my company group insurance paid off the total bill of eight thousands Ringgit Malaysia for me. I had a friend of mine who didn’t want to commit to a medical insurance policy. Then he started to realize the importance of having a medical insurance when he was advised to undergo a spine surgery. He needed a huge amount of money to do this procedure. Without much saving, his family members have to raise the funds for him. If he taken the advices given to him earlier, he will not have trouble his family at all.

So do you think that it is worth committing to a home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, and etc now?

Looking for a Remortgage Loan?

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We Miss Home

Oct 19, 2007

We drove to Boh Tea Gardens for breakfast before hitting back to Melaka. The road is really narrow & winding. Be patience as it would require some times to reach the plantation. We visited the factory after our breakfast. There is no one to show us around but luckily I had a tour guide with me. Who? Hubby B lor. Before leaving, we bought 2 boxes of green teas & 2 pieces of T-shirt as a rememberance. Btw, we came to know that the view at Sungei Palas Tea Centre is much greater than BOH Tea Gardens. It was located near the EQ Resort.

Have you tried Bidor Duck Noodle Soup before? If not, I will recommend you to stop by at this restaurant named Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant. It was quite easy to find the restaurant which is located along the main road of the tiny town. We had it 3 years ago when we were going to Pangkor Island. We can never forget the delicious noodles and soup and we decided to drop by for a bite.

The Duck Soup is cooked with various Chinese herbs, is aromatic and bursting with yummy ducky flavour... You can also tell that it had been lovingly slow cooked as the meat was tender. Besides, we also ordered a plate of Char Siew (roast pork) & it tastes great too. Though we didn't have Woo Kok (Yam Puff) this time but you must try it, ok.

Here comes the end of our trip. Though it was a short trip, but we enjoyed it very much.

2nd Day at Cameron Highlands

After checking out from EQ Hotel, we went to hunt for breakfast. It was difficult to get a chinese kopitiam here. We found this stall at Brinchang. I ordered a plate of Char Kuey Teow & Nescafe. While Hubby ordered a plate of Curry Fried Mee & Milk Tea. However, it was not a good one except for for the Char Kuey Teow.

Then we went for hotel tours. Haha.... We visited Smoke House, Bala's Chalet, Cameron Highlands Resort & Strawberry Park Resort. Frankly speaking, I have a bit fear to stay in this Tudor-style building because my imagination will go wild sometimes! Cameron Highlands Resort is beautiful but the rate is sky high too. Their deluxe room cost about RM 800 / night. Anyway, we decided to settle down at Strawberry Park Resort.

While waiting for the room to be cleaned up, we planned to visit the Boh Tea Plantation. After a distance, we still failed to get to our destination. Hence, we ended up having tea & scones at Cameronian Inn. This place is simple & clean. From their guestbook, we noticed that most of their guests are from the West. The scones was ok only.

As it was raining, we took our nap again in the hotel. After the rain stopped, we went to their Pasar Malam (Night market). As expected, you can see many of their stall are selling vegetables, strawberries & flowers. We bought corns, sweet potatoes & pickled guava. Then I saw Kelopok Lekor (fish sausage) but the owner has not prepared it yet. So we decided to come back later.

We drove up to the peak again & dropped by at Honey Bee Farm for a cup of honey. Then we went back to Pasar Malam to get our keropok lekor. Eh... Asam Laksa? Of course we joined the crowd for a bowl of Asam Laksa in the rain. Romantic hor. Haha...

1st Day @ Cameron Highlands

The journey to Cameron Highlands was not an easy one. We took the Tapah route instead of the Simpang Pulai route. It was a raining day. So you can imagine how challenging it was to drive at the winding and narrow roads. However, we saw malay villages, aborigines' shelters, durian stalls, waterfall, vegetable farms & flower nurseries along the way.

My bladder was almost exploded but yet we still need to travel for another 20km. Wow... that was the most torturing moments. Once we reached Bharat Tea Plantation, I couldn't wait any longer but jumped out from the car immediately for toilet. Haha...

Then, we had our lemon tea, scones & butter cake at Bharat Tea Shop. I never tasted scones before. So this was my first time having it. Hmm... it taste great with the strawberry jams, butter & cream! Plus a good view at the plantation. Hey for your info, this is a busy stop for tea & washroom.

Then we checked in to Hotel Equatorial, which is at the peak of the highlands. After a nap, we walked to Kea Farm and vsited some of the local stalls. We bought 2 steammed crystal corns from one of the stall. I was so tempted to eat it as the weather was cold. However, we decided to settle down for steamboat at the one & only chinese restaurant there. The price is reasonable (RM 13 per pax) & the serving was quite a lot. It is really the nicest way of taking steamboat in the cold weather. Hot soup, fresh ingredients,.... Yummy yummy.

3D2N Trip to Cameron Highlands

Oct 15, 2007

My last trip to Cameron Highlands was at the age of 13 years old. Hubby B didn't even recall when was his last trip there. *Sigh*

Anyway, we will be heading there tomorrow. I have surveyed from Virtual Tourist & came to a conclusion that we must try Highlands Restaurant's charcoal steamboat, Lonely Planet's recommended cafe, T-Cafe, scones and tea at Bala's Holiday Chalet, tea & cakes over the Boh Tea Plantation, etc.

Well, I will keep you posted when we are back on Thursday. Bye.......

Fig Jelly (Ai -Yu Ping - 檸檬愛玉冰.)

Oct 14, 2007

I believe that most of you have tasted this dessert before. I was truly, madly & deeply in love with him when I was young. After the peak, my loves to him started to fade off.

This amber, gelatinous-like dessert is as beautiful to look at as it is tasty. It is normaly serve in a sweet syrup with lime and ice. I always wonder what is this jelly made from. However, I never bother to find it out until recently I saw this Ai Yu Jelly instant pack from the backery equipment shop. Without much hesitation, I grabbed a pack of Ai Yu Jelly for myself.

This dessert is made from the seeds of the Ficus awkeotsang (Ai Yu Zi). It mainly grows on the mountain side of 1000 to 1800 meters above sea level. The most common way to eat Ai Yu Zi is to pick the fruit and then turn the fruit inside out and sun-dry it. The condensed gel gotten from Ai Yu Zi mixed with water is the dessert called Ai Yu Jelly. Ai Yu Zi is rich in pectin which can counteract with the calcium ion in the water. Used as a Chinese medicine, it can promote vessel distention and prevent vascular sclerosis. At summertime, served chilled, sweetened and flavoured with lemon, Ai -Yu jelly can give you the feeling of cool and freshness.

My Ai Yu Jelly is now set in the fridge. I did some modification in the syrup. Instead of using sugar, I used honey and lemon. It is much more healthy right?

Hubby B has just asked me to set up a stall to sell Ai Yu Ping after tasted it. Haha...

Shopping Tips

Oct 13, 2007

I used to be a shopping addict especially during the age of 24-28. However, this excessive shopping has also led to financial disaster. I given myself all sort of excuses to shop. Till one fine day, something stroke me. Forgotten what was that already.... Haha... Since Chin Nee wanna know my shopping tip, then perhaps I would share with all of you how I have turned to be a new leaf now.

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

  1. Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.
  2. Choose stores offering some kind of reward program, e.g. purchase points, rebates or store coupons. Knowing how the program works and when to use them will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  3. Always ask for a discount or bargain, especially when you pay cash for big purchase like furniture and electrical items, you will be surprised how much lesser you have to pay.
  4. Buy in bulk or from the hypermarket. Hypermarket like Giant and Tesco has greater offer than places like Jusco or Parkson. (I’m referring to household stuffs)
  5. Think again if it does really makes any different without having that, and if no, it means you don’t really need to spend on that.
  6. Leave your plastic at home and bring cash with you when you shop. Don't be surprise that with the cash limitation, your temptation to shop will disappear too.

~ End copy ~
I’d like to pass this tag on to these fellow bloggers:

Internet Phone Service

Oct 10, 2007

The first time I used internet phone service was during the time when Hubby B is away for his business trip to Las Vegas. However, due to the unstable connection sometimes, our dialogue was broken on and off.

Now you can sign up the Internet Phone to phone service provided by iConnectHere. The sign up cost is $0. Am I kidding? Of course I am not. With the sign up cost of $30, you are giving $30 free calls bonus. Besides, this offer comes with a free broadband phone adaptor that is used to connect to your router. The wonderful thing is they ship it worldwide at the flat rate of $4.99. The monthly subscription fee is only $6.99 which included of the all the services like call waiting, voice mail, caller id, etc. It’s great to hear that, right?

My sister-in-law and his brother in Japan call each other quite often and they are also facing the same problem I had with the other internet phone provider. So I will definitely recommend them to sign up internet phone to phone with iConnectHere.

Motocross Bedding For Your Room?

Do you dream of getting a set of Motocross Bedding for your bedroom? I believe the motocross enthusiast and supporter will want to have them eagerly. Vision Bedding offers a wide range of motocross bedding products from pillow, pillow sham, blanket, duvet and bedspread. You can choose the design which is available through the online store; or you can custom made it with the digital images that you shot from the FIM’s Grand Prix or AMA Motocross Championship.

With this unique, amazing and good quality motocross bedding, you are sure to dream of your favorite rider’s motocross style every day and every night.

Best Car Insurance Rate

Oct 9, 2007

My insurance agent will always ring me up when my car insurance is approaching to the expiry date. With the good services that he provided, I will honor the business to him as well. However, I always remind myself to search for few quotes for comparison in the coming year. Due to my laziness & busy schedules, I keep on failing my promises.

How nice if I could have the best
Insurance Quotes Online from the entire car insurance agents? Advantage Auto understands the needs of their customers. So they have offer a hassle free services to their customers; from the moment you submit your enquiry till finding the best car insurance rates for you. The steps are as easy as 123. All you need to do is to provide your address, your driving history and the type of coverage that you want for your policy.

To your surprise, the better car insurance rate will be delivered to your mailbox in just a few minutes time. Your car is protected by the respective insurance company once you confirmed the quote with Advantage Auto Quotes. Save your times and also your money, right?

Whether you are buying for your individual car insurance or commercial auto insurance, you can trust Advantageauto Quotes because they offer you the cheapest & best automotive insurance rate in the market.

Perfect Gift

Oct 8, 2007

This is a sponsored post. Hubby & I are thinking of getting a bicycle for our leisure sport. We have searched a number of bicycles either from the local shops or the online stores. There are many choices available & the more we know about the bicycles, the toughest for us to make the decision.

Well, I’m thinking of getting a gift for him after we purchased the bicycle. Do you think that I should surprise him with a Screwless Bike Rack? As I’m not a good assembler, hence I will definitely look for frame that does not need any screws, bolts and fasteners. It would safe my trouble of installing it later. Besides, with the vinyl-coated bike cradles and base, it will also protect our bike from our beloved dogs’ urination.

2 = Pair = Double

Oct 7, 2007

I guess I'm going to surprise JO-N with this fast response again.

Two names you go by:
Li Li (For those who have known me since young till my university time)
Stephanie (I started using this name after I graduated from UKM)

Two things you are wearing right now:

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:

Two things you like to do:

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
Q4 sales budget (Mid-month is approaching soon & I still have not received my budget from my boss. I need to plan so that I will not have a hectic year end)

Proposed ring from my Hubby B

Two things you did last night:
Had ice kacang with Gladys & Kelvin
Chatting with Hubby B

Two things you ate today:
Yong Tau Foo
"Yu Tia"

Two people you last talked to:
Kelvin Wee
Hubby B

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
Kissing my lovely nephew who is back from Japan for holidays

2 Favorite days of the week:

Two favorite holidays:
Chinese New Year

Two favorite beverages:
Fruit juice

Two things about me! Things you may not have known:
I love to smile

I can't cook rice (Though many of my friends has taught me, I just refused to absorb it into my mind. Haha...luckily my BB is not a rice lover).

Two jobs I have had in my life:
Office Administrator (Hui Feng Industrial Supplies at Malim. I learnt a lot from Marcus & Susan. Though I have left the company, we still keep in touch through calls & sms)

Purchasing Executive (Possehl Electronic at Batu Berendam Free Trade Zone. I learnt a lot from there too. Here was where I know my Hubby B)

Two movies I would watch over and over:
Mean Girls (I like Lindsay Lohan, the girl with lots of freckle but I do not like her unhealthy lifestyle)

Two places I have lived:
My mum's stomach

Two of my favorite food:
Japanese food

Two places I’d rather be right now:
Vacation at Australia
New shopping mall, Pavilion - KL

2 persons I’d like to tag:
My new spicypage friend, Subhranath
A great pleasure blogger, Jean Chia

Shopping Cart Software

Oct 6, 2007

I do my online shopping sometimes. However, as a buyer, I did find that some of the ecommerce software is not user friendly. Personally, I have some bad experiences with few of the online merchant.

I encountered problem when my search was not fully listed. Ashop Commerce understands the super fast service requested by the customers. Hence, they have delivered a shopping cart software with SEO (Search Engine Optimised) in which the customer can reach the merchant on the top of the search page. I believe with the shopping cart software provided by Ashop Commerce, we, as a customer can peacefully shop with the merchant without any frustration.

Besides, security is also one of my concerns when I do my online shopping. However, I know that Ashop shopping cart is integrated with all major banks, gateways and third party processors for payment systems. So, I’m confident to buy from the merchant because their payment system is built in SSL protection.

Portable DVD Player

Family nowadays prefers to purchase either SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) or MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) for their travel comfort. As the festive seasons are approaching soon, most of the outstation family will travel back to their hometown for celebration. However, it is kind of tiring when it comes to long hour’s driving. The worst part is the children will make lots of noises throughout the journey. Therefore, the best solution to calm them down is to install a portable DVD player in the car. has a great offer right now for their portable 10 inch DVD player. Your family can either choose to watch DVD or listen to CD and MP3. With the USB port and SD card, the entire family members get to view their photos (in JPEG format) taken during the festive celebration while traveling back from their hometown. It adds fun & laughter throughout the journey.

Besides, this portable 10 inch DVD player also comes with many features like, anti-shock suspension, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which allowed for 4-hour playback time, superb 3D sound effect, TV tuner whereby you could tune in to the channel that you want to watch, etc. In short, it has most of the features that you want in a DVD player. Just named it and you will find it.

So, hurry up to get a unit of 10 inch portable DVD player for this festive celebration at a promotion price @ USD 239 only.

Missing Girl

Oct 3, 2007

Hubby B called me during my yoga class this evening. So, I returned call to him after my class.

Hubby B: Where has my little wife missing to today?
This was the first sentence that came out from his mouth.

Me: Huh..... Just finished my yoga class lor!
I blur for a while & then answered him.

Hubby B: I thought something happened to you because you didn't reply my message.

Me: Message? What message you have sent me?"
Blur again.

Hubby B: Morning greeting lor!

Me: Ah....haha...... Didn't I reply this morning? Cannot be le. Hmmm... really never reply ah?
Giggling none stop there). Sorry, sorry, sorry, ....... I thought I did. Maybe wake up too early this morning to bring mum for medical checkup. So totally blur....

Hubby B: No problem. Just worried of the pig!

Since the day I'm with Hubby B, we have got this habit of sending morning greeting to each other. I know this wasn't my first time of forgetting to reply his sms but I'm sure that it happened less than 5 times in our 3 years relationship. BB has never forget his role all this while. If he is attending a meeting, then he will return the sms after that. There are 2 times, if I'm not mistaken, that he left his phone at home. Then he will reply me much more later after getting the phone from home.

We are both happy that this tradition is still keeping on till now. We do not take it as a job that we must do but we do it naturally & willingly. To tell you the truth, the sms-es melt our heart sometimes & also brighten our day! I love you, Hubby B!

Why He Never Change?

Oct 2, 2007

We are human, therefore we make mistakes. Making mistakes is human nature, none of us are exempted. Even when writing this post, I will have to write many times till I feel is right. We should know, admit & learn from the mistake we have done.

But I don't understand that why certain people just refused to learn from their mistake? They first time you made a mistake, you are forgiven. But if you've promise not to repeat the mistake but still, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,..... times you did it again, then do you think that this person is forgiven? The situation is worsen when the mistake started to hurt the love one around you. It not only messed up everyone's life but it also ruined everyone's happiness.

Love Sick!

Oct 1, 2007

I'm going to miss this little monster for a week. He is away to Japan with his mum. Hope he has an enjoyable trip there. No more "Neh Neh" (instead of calling me Ku Ku, he calls me Neh Neh) for this 1 week.

Sambal Ikan Bilis

Suzana cooked this dish for our nasi lemak. While she was cooking it, I checked with her the ingredients needed. She shared with me & I have marked it down in my head. So I ran into the room to grab my mobile. BB knew what I was up to. Haha... Take down the shot lor. Hmmm....I realised that he understands me better nowadays.

Then I recalled that Hochiaks! also shared this snack in his blog too. The difference is Suzana used tamarind instead of lemon juice. She also used tempeh as one of the ingredient. Though I'm not a tempeh lover, but this snack turned up to be a delicious one, especially when it goes with nasi lemak.

Yummy Yummy! I had a superb delicious dinner last night.