Missing Girl

Oct 3, 2007

Hubby B called me during my yoga class this evening. So, I returned call to him after my class.

Hubby B: Where has my little wife missing to today?
This was the first sentence that came out from his mouth.

Me: Huh..... Just finished my yoga class lor!
I blur for a while & then answered him.

Hubby B: I thought something happened to you because you didn't reply my message.

Me: Message? What message you have sent me?"
Blur again.

Hubby B: Morning greeting lor!

Me: Ah....haha...... Didn't I reply this morning? Cannot be le. Hmmm... really never reply ah?
Giggling none stop there). Sorry, sorry, sorry, ....... I thought I did. Maybe wake up too early this morning to bring mum for medical checkup. So totally blur....

Hubby B: No problem. Just worried of the pig!

Since the day I'm with Hubby B, we have got this habit of sending morning greeting to each other. I know this wasn't my first time of forgetting to reply his sms but I'm sure that it happened less than 5 times in our 3 years relationship. BB has never forget his role all this while. If he is attending a meeting, then he will return the sms after that. There are 2 times, if I'm not mistaken, that he left his phone at home. Then he will reply me much more later after getting the phone from home.

We are both happy that this tradition is still keeping on till now. We do not take it as a job that we must do but we do it naturally & willingly. To tell you the truth, the sms-es melt our heart sometimes & also brighten our day! I love you, Hubby B!


JK said...

Both of you are doing great. Keep up the good work.

Chinneeq said...

must be so happy all moment :) Time to tie the string maybe?

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Joanne & Chin Nee,

Thanks. Actually I think relationship is an everlasting one. We should not stop understanding our partner. I need to learn from both of you too!

Haha... Again the question, Chin Nee?

J@n!ce said...

So sweet, my hubs & I used to do that too. But now hardly got time :)

Janice Ng

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Janice, maybe urs would be another stage of the relationship d. I can see that u have a happy family. :)

Unknown said...

wahhhh, so sweet sms each other...but my hubby and I like to call each other instead of sms.hehe