Internet Phone Service

Oct 10, 2007

The first time I used internet phone service was during the time when Hubby B is away for his business trip to Las Vegas. However, due to the unstable connection sometimes, our dialogue was broken on and off.

Now you can sign up the Internet Phone to phone service provided by iConnectHere. The sign up cost is $0. Am I kidding? Of course I am not. With the sign up cost of $30, you are giving $30 free calls bonus. Besides, this offer comes with a free broadband phone adaptor that is used to connect to your router. The wonderful thing is they ship it worldwide at the flat rate of $4.99. The monthly subscription fee is only $6.99 which included of the all the services like call waiting, voice mail, caller id, etc. It’s great to hear that, right?

My sister-in-law and his brother in Japan call each other quite often and they are also facing the same problem I had with the other internet phone provider. So I will definitely recommend them to sign up internet phone to phone with iConnectHere.


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