2nd Day at Cameron Highlands

Oct 19, 2007

After checking out from EQ Hotel, we went to hunt for breakfast. It was difficult to get a chinese kopitiam here. We found this stall at Brinchang. I ordered a plate of Char Kuey Teow & Nescafe. While Hubby ordered a plate of Curry Fried Mee & Milk Tea. However, it was not a good one except for for the Char Kuey Teow.

Then we went for hotel tours. Haha.... We visited Smoke House, Bala's Chalet, Cameron Highlands Resort & Strawberry Park Resort. Frankly speaking, I have a bit fear to stay in this Tudor-style building because my imagination will go wild sometimes! Cameron Highlands Resort is beautiful but the rate is sky high too. Their deluxe room cost about RM 800 / night. Anyway, we decided to settle down at Strawberry Park Resort.

While waiting for the room to be cleaned up, we planned to visit the Boh Tea Plantation. After a distance, we still failed to get to our destination. Hence, we ended up having tea & scones at Cameronian Inn. This place is simple & clean. From their guestbook, we noticed that most of their guests are from the West. The scones was ok only.

As it was raining, we took our nap again in the hotel. After the rain stopped, we went to their Pasar Malam (Night market). As expected, you can see many of their stall are selling vegetables, strawberries & flowers. We bought corns, sweet potatoes & pickled guava. Then I saw Kelopok Lekor (fish sausage) but the owner has not prepared it yet. So we decided to come back later.

We drove up to the peak again & dropped by at Honey Bee Farm for a cup of honey. Then we went back to Pasar Malam to get our keropok lekor. Eh... Asam Laksa? Of course we joined the crowd for a bowl of Asam Laksa in the rain. Romantic hor. Haha...


FL Sam said...

Thanks for the visit and comments. Look like you both enjoyed your stay at CH. The rains must have disrupted your plans a bit.

I prefer to stay at the apartments as we can cook or have steamboat ourselves.

The apartment that I will be staying is nearby to Bala Chalets. I also have second thoughts about staying at this chalets as it look old and not so clean. :)

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Sam, then you all can slowly enjoy the steamboat. Nice also. A BBQ would also complete the trip too. Hehe..