2 = Pair = Double

Oct 7, 2007

I guess I'm going to surprise JO-N with this fast response again.

Two names you go by:
Li Li (For those who have known me since young till my university time)
Stephanie (I started using this name after I graduated from UKM)

Two things you are wearing right now:

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:

Two things you like to do:

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
Q4 sales budget (Mid-month is approaching soon & I still have not received my budget from my boss. I need to plan so that I will not have a hectic year end)

Proposed ring from my Hubby B

Two things you did last night:
Had ice kacang with Gladys & Kelvin
Chatting with Hubby B

Two things you ate today:
Yong Tau Foo
"Yu Tia"

Two people you last talked to:
Kelvin Wee
Hubby B

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
Kissing my lovely nephew who is back from Japan for holidays

2 Favorite days of the week:

Two favorite holidays:
Chinese New Year

Two favorite beverages:
Fruit juice

Two things about me! Things you may not have known:
I love to smile

I can't cook rice (Though many of my friends has taught me, I just refused to absorb it into my mind. Haha...luckily my BB is not a rice lover).

Two jobs I have had in my life:
Office Administrator (Hui Feng Industrial Supplies at Malim. I learnt a lot from Marcus & Susan. Though I have left the company, we still keep in touch through calls & sms)

Purchasing Executive (Possehl Electronic at Batu Berendam Free Trade Zone. I learnt a lot from there too. Here was where I know my Hubby B)

Two movies I would watch over and over:
Mean Girls (I like Lindsay Lohan, the girl with lots of freckle but I do not like her unhealthy lifestyle)

Two places I have lived:
My mum's stomach

Two of my favorite food:
Japanese food

Two places I’d rather be right now:
Vacation at Australia
New shopping mall, Pavilion - KL

2 persons I’d like to tag:
My new spicypage friend, Subhranath
A great pleasure blogger, Jean Chia


Jean Chia said...

hi steph! thanks for tagging me. I'll let u know once i've posted this up.

it seems like you and I hv alot in common! i love fridays and sats too, and my favourite hols are christmas and chinese new year.. and i love seafood and japanese food too!!! :))

Jean Chia

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Oh really? Give me 5 then. Haha..

JO-N said...

Ya, you surprised me. REALLY FAST, Stephanie.

Jean Chia said...

haha.. i think i'll stick with the two answers only.. :)

i've done the tag! come & hv a look!