1st Day @ Cameron Highlands

Oct 19, 2007

The journey to Cameron Highlands was not an easy one. We took the Tapah route instead of the Simpang Pulai route. It was a raining day. So you can imagine how challenging it was to drive at the winding and narrow roads. However, we saw malay villages, aborigines' shelters, durian stalls, waterfall, vegetable farms & flower nurseries along the way.

My bladder was almost exploded but yet we still need to travel for another 20km. Wow... that was the most torturing moments. Once we reached Bharat Tea Plantation, I couldn't wait any longer but jumped out from the car immediately for toilet. Haha...

Then, we had our lemon tea, scones & butter cake at Bharat Tea Shop. I never tasted scones before. So this was my first time having it. Hmm... it taste great with the strawberry jams, butter & cream! Plus a good view at the plantation. Hey for your info, this is a busy stop for tea & washroom.

Then we checked in to Hotel Equatorial, which is at the peak of the highlands. After a nap, we walked to Kea Farm and vsited some of the local stalls. We bought 2 steammed crystal corns from one of the stall. I was so tempted to eat it as the weather was cold. However, we decided to settle down for steamboat at the one & only chinese restaurant there. The price is reasonable (RM 13 per pax) & the serving was quite a lot. It is really the nicest way of taking steamboat in the cold weather. Hot soup, fresh ingredients,.... Yummy yummy.


JO-N said...

Cameron is a nice place but I always vomit when I go up. Now, I dare not even think of going up. Steam boat is really good in Cameron.

I like your slides.