Insurance for You?

Oct 20, 2007

Insurance is a must in our society nowadays. We renew our car insurance every year. In the event of accident, we are protected. We also bought home insurance so that we are protected from robbery and damage which are resulted from natural disasters. Besides, we engage to life insurance to protecting our dependents in case of our death. It helps to ease the burden placed on family and loved ones.

Basically, I have committed myself to life insurance and medical insurance policy. My policy comes with saving feature too. Though I have to pay quite a sum of premium every month, but I think it is worth contributing it. Personally, I like medical insurance. I remembered when I done my laparoscopic cystectomy in January this year, my company group insurance paid off the total bill of eight thousands Ringgit Malaysia for me. I had a friend of mine who didn’t want to commit to a medical insurance policy. Then he started to realize the importance of having a medical insurance when he was advised to undergo a spine surgery. He needed a huge amount of money to do this procedure. Without much saving, his family members have to raise the funds for him. If he taken the advices given to him earlier, he will not have trouble his family at all.

So do you think that it is worth committing to a home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, and etc now?


martoon said...

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Paniga said...

Interesting to know.