Fig Jelly (Ai -Yu Ping - 檸檬愛玉冰.)

Oct 14, 2007

I believe that most of you have tasted this dessert before. I was truly, madly & deeply in love with him when I was young. After the peak, my loves to him started to fade off.

This amber, gelatinous-like dessert is as beautiful to look at as it is tasty. It is normaly serve in a sweet syrup with lime and ice. I always wonder what is this jelly made from. However, I never bother to find it out until recently I saw this Ai Yu Jelly instant pack from the backery equipment shop. Without much hesitation, I grabbed a pack of Ai Yu Jelly for myself.

This dessert is made from the seeds of the Ficus awkeotsang (Ai Yu Zi). It mainly grows on the mountain side of 1000 to 1800 meters above sea level. The most common way to eat Ai Yu Zi is to pick the fruit and then turn the fruit inside out and sun-dry it. The condensed gel gotten from Ai Yu Zi mixed with water is the dessert called Ai Yu Jelly. Ai Yu Zi is rich in pectin which can counteract with the calcium ion in the water. Used as a Chinese medicine, it can promote vessel distention and prevent vascular sclerosis. At summertime, served chilled, sweetened and flavoured with lemon, Ai -Yu jelly can give you the feeling of cool and freshness.

My Ai Yu Jelly is now set in the fridge. I did some modification in the syrup. Instead of using sugar, I used honey and lemon. It is much more healthy right?

Hubby B has just asked me to set up a stall to sell Ai Yu Ping after tasted it. Haha...


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