They Are Old

Aug 12, 2007

While having breakfast at Uncle John, Giant this morning, I saw Winnie's parents. Her dad looks thin & old already if I were to compare him during our secondary time. It touches my heart suddenly.

Well, please take a look of our parents. They are getting older either. My dad & mum used to be so healthy & full of energy when we were young. As times go by, you will hear their complaints as below:

"Aiyo... last time no matter how late I stayed, especially during Chinese New Year's eve, I still felt so energetic the next day. But now, even like 11pm, I feel so restless already!" (Hehe... it's my mum usual complaint!)

I noticed their transformation. I love my parents, especially my mum. She is a very traditional lady. She has sacrified a lot for our family. She is 56 years old now but she has not been to any great places for holidays. We always wanted to bring her for holidays but she always turn us down. Her principle is she will never wanna spend her children hard earn money for "luxury" holidays! (Hmmm........ Mi ah Mi, can't you stop thinking of that? Our paths of growing weren't easy for you either. It is time for you to relax now!)

Sometimes we do hurt her but she will never argue. She will keep herself quiet there but I know that she is sad. She also shared with me that no matter how angry she is, her love to us will never change. Even Brother Godzila has married with a son, she still treats him like a child that has never grown. I used to complain that she over pampered Brother Godzila. She always reply that her love to us is equally same. Just that little brother & I know to take care of ourselves, especially when come to food. Imagine that at the age of 34, my mum still has to cut the fruits for him. Whereby we will just grab it from the fridge. Haha....... "tam chiak"!

My dad? Hmmm....... when I was a child, I like my dad. He will never turn me down when I asked for my birthday present, my rewards when I had scored good result, casettes, etc. This habit stopped on my 2nd year in university. I remembered my last gift from him were my Guess watch & a Nokia handphone.

Our relationship started to fade off when I graduated & started my work in Melaka. He drinks so much & he was drunk most of the times. My mum was the most tortured one. Every of his words hurt her so much. I felt the pain whenever I heard it as my room was just next to them. He was no longer the father I used to admire (My Pa achieved many sales achievement awards from Welcome & Unilever before. He has a great selling skills according to Uncle Frank. He even had the chance to promote as a sales manager in Unilever but he gave up this golden opportunity as they required him to be based in KL).

Though we always tell our mum that we have given up on him but deep in our heart, we still care for him. He has MI attack 4 years ago. All of us were so worried & of course we were afraid of losing him. Brother Godzila drove all the way down from JB that night & I stayed in the hospital to look after him. According to Dr. Lim, 2 of his main arteries were blocked. He did not do angioplasty for him because his health condition was a bit complicated. He has cholesterol, diabetic & hypertension. Doctor Lim wanted him to change his lifestyle. For the 1st 3 months, he was so obedient. He stopped drinking & he even took all the healthy food. However, this lifestyle didn't last long.

He started to drink once again. We were disappointed with him. We are worrying of his health but he doesn't seem to care for himself (A little secret to share here. My dad is a very good patient. He will take his medication on-time & pay the visit to the doctor as per the appointment fixed). Mum is still hoping that he will kick off his bad habit. Frankly speaking, I don't hope that he will kick off entirely but at least reduce the intake & also cut off the day of drinking from his calender. Just wish that he will realise it one day. We care for you, Pa.