I'm So Lucky!

Aug 10, 2007

This simple words caught my attention when I turned to the very first page of the book.

Please give some thoughts that you are actually the lucky one!

We can't force happiness to happen to us! As long as we do not force & we are satisfy, then we will naturally feel the happiness is surrounding us all the times.

幸福是不能强求的,快乐也是不能勉强的,只要我们愈不强求,愈是满足, 就愈能体验幸福与分享快乐,因为有舍才有得。


Mummy to QiQi said...

If u feel lucky, u will be lucky :)

takfenglili said...

Thanks, Chin Nee.

Sometimes I really miss our schooling day, especially during our Form 6. Times fly so fast. You, Peggy & Chee Wei has had your own family with the loving husband & children. I believe QiQi will have a great memory throughout her growing journey cause she has a great mum & dad.